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How To Study Guides

Johnnie Said:

What is the best way to study for the LSAT? Any good study guides?

We Answered:

It's an investment, so really try and take one.

If you really can't afford it, get your hands on as many practice tests as possible. Check all the local libraries (don't write in the books of course). If need be, buy some at a bookstore.

The idea is to take as many practice tests as you can. Check to see what you did wrong and learn from those mistakes. Eventually, you should start to see the same "type" of questions being asked and will be able to figure out how to answer them.

For most people, you hit a limit as to how much you can do so it becomes an issue of time management too. Learning to recognize which ones just give you problems and to get as many points as you realistically can while not wasting too much time on it so you can spend time on the stuff you can answer right.

Tonya Said:

Where can you get Praxis I and II study guides, besides from the ETS?

We Answered:

That is the only place to get them. Praxis 1 is NOT hard - took it and passed it. You really do not need the study guide. Praxis 2 depends on the area of study.

Sara Said:

For college English teachers: do you find it unethical for students to use study guides?

We Answered:

I'm not a teacher, but here's my views.

It's fine to read Spark Notes, but don't make them your only secondary resources. And don't cite them in essays.

Spark Notes is to help you understand what's going on in the text. In order to do well you need more than that.

By all means read Spark Notes and other study guides, but nothing can replaces the combination of text books and independent thinking.

Philip Said:

How do i find answers to study guides?

We Answered:

um im not really sure what study guide you're using-but try this address:…

hope it helps!!!!!!!!

Tyrone Said:

how useful are the SAT subject tests study guides?

We Answered:

Sorry but no they are not identical. They just give you an idea of what to study and how the questions will be asked.

Christy Said:

How many SAT Study guides are there, and do they help?

We Answered:

There are plenty. Princeton Review, Kaplan and Barrons to name a few. Yes, they do help at least they helped me.

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