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How To Study In School

Nicole Said:

i want to know how to cope with study (school work) and how to put your mind to it, when your not in the mood?

We Answered:

Set yourself a goal first. Every time you are getting side tracked, try to think about your graduation date and what are you going to do to celebrate your big date. Keep yourself busy so you do not have time to think about other things.

You need to have a good time management skills. Set a time every time you need to do a homework and finish at that time. For example I will finish an essay in two hours. Work hard to finish that essay in two hours and pick another assignment and set another time and finish in time. You will be surprise how time flies when you are busy.

take care,


Mattie Said:

Macbeth- study School?

We Answered:

Read through it first and write down the essence of the story.
Make a list of the main characters and how they relate to each other, who is dominant and who is subservient.
Who is the driving force of the action and who is the victim.
If you keep reading it through and concentrate on one speech at a time, you will begin to understand the language and the sheer genius of Shakespeare
Get yourself a good DVD of the play,

Leah Said:

How is an independent study school ? HELP?

We Answered:

dont do it you will like it at first but after that you will hate it i was on it for 2 years it sucks you cant go see your friends cuz there in school nad if your out alot when school is in the cops give you a hard time i would not recommend it

Michelle Said:

How is an independent study school?

We Answered:

Sitting at home playing video games

Evelyn Said:

how do you get your 4 year old to pay attention and study school work. he's in kindergargen??

We Answered:

Sorry this is long--but please read all the way through. I worked for 10 years with an expert in this area and have heard too many times what can happen to young kids who get pushed too early.

Your child--how smart or talented doesn't matter--may not be ready for kindergarten. Your child may not be developmentally ready for K just like they weren't ready to walk at 6 months. Most kids aren't ready at 4 because the school work is designed for a kid who is at least 5. (And some kids at chronological age 5 may be developmentally younger and this is absolutely normal. These kids struggle too.)

About 10 (?) years ago a study was done of special education referrals and achievement and child age. In states with December cut offs (so the kids start at 4) the number of children with Dec. birthdays who were identified as special ed was many times that of kids with Jan. birthdays. Why? They were too young---or kids born in January are just naturally better at sitting still in school.

Now lots of folks will tell you that the kid will get ready or catch up in a few years. Not completely's just that the differences between a six month old baby and an 18 month old baby are very dramatic and obvious. The difference between a 10 year old and an 11 year old aren't as obvious to the eye.

A five year old is 25% older than the four. A year isn't much to a grown up, but it is huge when you're four. Are there any differences between a 16 year old and a 20 year old? How about a 32 year old and a 40 year old?

Four is very young for today's "pushed down" curriculum and making him/her miserable now could set them up for years of school failure.

I BEG you, check out the program and ASK if what they are doing is developmentally appropriate. See how that's determined.
If what they are doing is dev. appropriate for the child then it shouldn't be so hard...and paying attention wouldn't be a big problem because the classroom work would be designed to teach the child in the way they learn best.

Contact the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and check out their guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices for children your age.

BTW Please don't go the bribe and punishment route. If the kid can't do it, the kid can't. The brain develops at its own pace and your 4 may not be able to stay focused no matter how hard they try even if they are super-smart.

Don't try to force a child to do what they physically may not be able to do. It would be like announcing to a baby "hey, you're supposed to have 4 teeth right now---get them out here."

Best wishes,

Bernice Said:

I live in scotland, but after i finish school, i wanna go live and study in America. How can I do this?!?!?

We Answered:

Firstly, tell me the reason you want to study in the US? Believe it or not: the internet is the best place to start, you just need to know where to look. Before you do though, I think you need to stop and ask yourself these questions:

? Have you decided what you want to study?
? Do any universities have particular good reputations for your course?
? The US is very diverse, do you have any region(s) you favour (have you looked for universities within there)?
? Have you researched what might be required for admissions/how their admissions process works? (It's a lot more complicated than the UK's).
? Do you understand how their internal university works (what the curriculum is like)?
? Have you looked into the cost? (Tuition fees, flights, accommodation, food, other living costs etc)
? (Student) Visa - you'll need to research into this.
? Are you happy to live this far away from your family?

I recommend researching into this intensely before telling your parents about it (that way they'll realise you've put the effort in to finding out the information and are more likely to take you seriously). However, if you know they'll help you research around it then it might be better to tell them sooner; I have no idea how they'll react though.

I don't really understand your desperation to study there but it's exciting to move/study somewhere new. The US has some very good universities but, so does Scotland (and the rest of the UK) when it is MUCH cheaper to study here. The university I was looking at in the US (I think) required me to sit three tests which would require me to find an exam centre in Scotland to sit it at, pay a fee to sit it, buy books to study for it, use my time to study for it when I had other much more important exams to study for. So, if you're serious about it make sure you are aware of the hassle it could bring!

Hope this helps.

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