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How To Study In Usa

Betty Said:

How children in USA study in class room?

We Answered:

What you said is damn true and is scary or not?
I'm a Dutchman who lives in Taiwan and if i see those children here, i feel sorry for them.
We in Europe and i think i also can speak for the USA the teacher teach us new things and on the end they do a test to see you understood it or not. Here in Taiwan most teacher teach for the test, because the test have to be good. So kids have to memorize everything for the test. Some teachers even just teach them things what will be on the test and other things not. Sometimes they even show the test in advance, so kids to what to learn. If the kids get a high score parents are happy, teacher gets a good name and the school too. They will never give a 0 points here, only if it's really bad, otherwise the parents here complain the teacher not the kid.
It unbelieveable, but they have every week for every subject a test. When i was in highschool, we had a test ones in a while. I don't know about the USA.

In Europe we see schools as education, in Taiwan it is a business. A kid is just a number and they care more the parents are happy, because they have to pay the money.

It is not only the school system, it is scary how most parents think and do.

Sheila Said:

How much for an Asia student to study in USA?

We Answered:


Harvey Said:

how do I get full swim scholarships for study in USA?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

John Said:

how much money i need for study in USA for Master degree in Engineering or Business? and what is requirement?

We Answered:

First, you need to find a university you want to earn your Master's from. Every university costs a different amount. They can be drastically different, too. For example tuition at Cornell University can cost up to $30,000 but tuition at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater) costs just over $5,000. And that doesn't include fees, books, room and board, etc. You can also apply for scholarships which can help reduce the price, but you have to search for those scholarships, too.

GRE is the typical entrance exam for most Master's programs, but some will also accept the MATs (Miller Analogies Test). Once you figure out where you want to go, then you can find out what they require.

There is no one price for a Master's in the USA. Each college determines their own cost and sometimes it is a huge price to pay. Do a lot of research because there are thousands of Master degree awarding universities in the USA. Good luck!

Annie Said:

How can I Study Marketing in USA?

We Answered:

College is similar to university, therefore you don't need to do 2 more years of college before you can enter the university. Universities require that students have the equivalent of a high school diploma (bachillerato in Latin American countries) which is the degree students obtain after 12 years of school. Also, some universities require that you take the SAT and ACT tests, and if your native language is not English, you will also need to take the TOEFL exam and get a minimum required score. Contact the university of your choice for admission requirements.

Lori Said:

How does Indian educational consultant help to study in USA?

We Answered:

Yes they will help you on this you need to write TOEFL before you visit them or after that's for sure if ur applying for student visa.

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