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Lesson Plans For Social Studies

Juanita Said:

Does anyone know a good site for lesson plans, high school, social studies, West Virginia curriculum?

We Answered:

I don't know about West. Virginia, but N.C. has a great site which is probably similar to W. Va's curriculum.

Stephen Said:

Any ideas for social studies lesson plans?

We Answered:

I ask my 12 yr old what he wanted to learn about in SS/ history and he told me Native Americans , Greek Gods , Roman Gods
The civil war the vietnam war, Woodstock, Segregation , So I came up with : Native Americans - of the southern US for a two study of the northern US for two weeks the western US and eastern each as a two week study During those two week he research the different tribesof the area and how they lived in the past and how it has changed now in the present He also studied the Native art and how the styles between tribes was simular and different how enviroment affect the way they grew or hunted food and so on.
For the study of the greek Gods he checked out books from the library and we read them together and talked about the things we liked or didn't like or understand We did the same thing for the roman gods and then we also talked about how the greek and romans had some of the same gods just with different names. We also read about Alantis and Some of the Viking beliefs
For the other stuff we checked out books and discussed what he was learning what he didn't understand and the whys of politics that may have caused the wars or riots and such.

For the most part I let my son choose what he wants to learn about because at least then I hold his intrest

Diane Said:

I need some good websites with free social studies lesson plans for middle school?

We Answered:

Try Mr. Donn's website. I don't know the URL, but type in his name in yahoo search.

Check out

Marion Said:

Does anyone know a Good Lesson plan Topic for Math Social Studies and Science for Elementary?

We Answered:

If you choose money this is one way it could break down:
Math: Value of coins and dollars (identification), the exchange of coins/dollars for other coins/dollars (ex: five pennies for a nickel or two five dollar bills for a ten dollar bill).

Science: How money is made.

Social Studies: How money has been used in the past (ex: bartering, jewels and other things being used in lieu of money and exchange rates for older students).

Another topic could be a plants/garden

Math: Young students can count or sort seeds (classify seeds by similar size or shape). Older students can measure a plot for a garden. Also students can record a growth chart for their seedlings and analyze the data through graphs.

Science: Students can study the different parts of a plant and seed. Students can also learn about photosynthesis (there is a great book for younger students about this called "Living Sunlight" my first graders made a play out of this book). They can also learn about the life cycle of a plant.

Social Studies: Students can learn about the plants and crops that are important to their state or local communities income. Also students can compare and contrast the types of plants that are grown in different regions of the united states and their significance to that state's or our countries economy.

If you need any more ideas, feel free to contact me. Good luck!

Valerie Said:

What is a good Social Studies Lesson Plan that involes anything about Human Body?

We Answered:

Here's a couple from LEARN NC:
Change the questions to things like:
If you have brown hair, color the door red. If you do not have brown hair, color the door blue.
if you have blue eyes, color the windows yellow. If you do not have blue eyes, color the windows orange.
If you have freckles,...

Laurie Said:

Help...I need a social studies lesson plan for my first graders tomorrow! Any suggestions?

We Answered:

It is funny, I am a Jennifer H. and an elementary school teacher. I have not taught 1st grade, but I did teach 2nd for several years, so maybe some of our topics might inspire you. You can always take one of the topics and make it more appropriate for your age level. By now in the school year, you probably have already established classroom rules and the idea of the class room being a community, a group of learners. You can introduce the idea that the town/city the children live in is also a community, and that towns also need rules (laws) and community helpers to make the town function for everyone. Perhaps you have classroom jobs or helpers, this is another way to link the children's personal experience to the bigger idea.

Ask the children about types of jobs. You can list all of the jobs in the town. For example, our town has a police department, fire department, hospital, post office, etc. Talk to the children about the role of each community helper.
You could also explore the different jobs that help the school run, such as the administrators, school nurse, custodians, librarians, this could lead in the future to inviting these people to talk to the class about their roles and/or read to the class.

After this group discussion, have the student do a writing and illustrating exercise where they write about a job they know about and would like to research more about. It should not be simply "what I want to be when I grow up" but what will be more challenging is developing the students' ability to generate questions they would like to research more about. Obviously there is much more I could elaborate on, but I think I will leave it at that, hopefully it gives you something to think about...

Greg Said:

Social Studies lesson plans for grade 2?

We Answered:

Two great resources for teachers are and Both sites have large American Indian input to provide authentic, non-stereotypical, cross curricular activities to teach about historical and contemporary American Indian issues.

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