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Online Social Studies Textbook

Jon Said:

Is there a site where you can get online textbooks?

We Answered:

If you look at your textbook, it should have a website on the back of it. Then go on their website and take quizzes or tests.

Lawrence Said:

Social studies textbook!?

We Answered:

Well, yes, actually it is the right answer. Keep this in mind, when answering questions online, the site may have a glitch and will not accept the right answer. I had a similar experience when asked what man-made landmark can be seen from space; the answer is very obvious, "The Great Wall Of China". Each time I tried to answer it correctly, it told me I was wrong. In fact, it wouldn't give credit for any of the answers chosen. Sounds like you have the same glitch.

The Empire was founded in 322 BC by Chandragupta Maurya, who had overthrown the Nanda Dynasty and rapidly expanded his power westwards across central and western India taking

Katrina Said:

TextBooks?Homeschooling?Math?Science? Studies?L.A?

We Answered:

You can get text books that are either used or new.
Getting semi-used books are probably the best idea, because they're in a pretty good condition and have a marked-off price.

Wesley Said:

Where can i find a 6th grd social studies textbook online for free?

We Answered:;js…

i dont know if its one that you buy or its online i just looked on google (:

Sue Said:

Ugh! I left my social studies textbook at school?

We Answered:

Go to school early tomorrow and do them then. Or if you can't, just explain the situation to your teacher. If he marks you down, he marks you down. You forgot the book so if the teacher chooses to punish you, he can.

Ralph Said:

Online social studies textbooks?

We Answered:

Did your teacher assign you an online textbook?
Because if he/she didn't, chances are you probably won't find one.
They aren't free; schools have to pay for them.
Do you have notes on him you took in class?
Borrow some from a friend, if you can't find them.
You can search Henry Hudson up on google, and you'll probably find some info there.
Also, you can go to your public library. They probably have some history books.

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