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Online Study In Pakistan

Renee Said:

free online study, my last degree MBA.?

We Answered:

I'm from India and there are many Paki students in EU here.

Choose the education programs you like to get, completely FREE.

No tuition fee, only in Norway and Sweden.

Lee Said:

I need to take a Admission in GIS in pakistan ?

We Answered:

Glenda Said:

hi i am ishaa from pakistan actually i did my graduation from there now i am in united states .?

We Answered:

uhv to choose which state u wanna go to. write directly to the univ. if u get place, apply visa. try the midwestern states as they r willing to take in more foreign students.
univ of phoenix has good on line program.
u can do directly your MBA as u already hv BA from pakistan.
u need to improve your english as all lessons in english.

Nathaniel Said:

i want to study journalism partime in paris,as well online?

We Answered:


Cathy Said:

Do you think An American Virtual High School is appropriate for me?

We Answered:

I think an online American high school would be a great option for you, as long as you are motivated enough to get the work done on your own. Just make sure that the school you choose has regional accreditation. That way, you will know that your diploma legitimate. Here is the website to a great school called The American Academy- They are accredited and they have a ton of classes to choose from.

On their site it says that you will take a proctored final at the end of each quarter. A proctor can be any public servant (librarian, teacher, nurse, etc.) as long as they are not related to you.

I hope this helps! Good luck finishing school, no matter what you decide to do!

Francis Said:

Can any1 tell me any good online highschool?

We Answered:…

Daryl Said:

From where I can get online Study?

We Answered:

hmm im not sure to be honest although here is an article with the benefits of an online education

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