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Organization Skills For Students

Max Said:

Organization skills for a speech therapist.?

We Answered:

Caseload of seventy, looks like you will work in the school system. Get a book called some thing like the school therapist's survival guide. It will really help. I have been a school SLP for the last six years. Here are some tips:
1) Realize NOW that it is not inexperience, you will never "get caught up." It does not exist. Do as much as you can while you are working, the rest will wait.

2) Spend time getting organized. I would say the best thing to do is to make copies of all the student's IEP's, so you have a copy of their goals. Put these in a file cabinet (I suggest a portable one) in alphabetical order.

3) Then after you make your schedule, spend the time to do two things, make a database (I use excel) of all their IEP due dates and re-eval dates, then type up their goals according to the groupings you have in your schedule with room for notes and record keeping. (Learning to take data while working with 4 to 6 children is hard but essential if you want the children to really progress. I do not take data for every child every session, you will figure out what works best for you.)

Those things will get you started to the smooth place that organization will bring you in your new job. Good Luck.

Eduardo Said:

Incremental rather than revolutionary change in constitutional democracies by all of the following except?

We Answered:

And this is in the "Biology" dept. why?

answers, (do double check for accuracy)


Rodney Said:

Snail Mail Pen Pal organization for 11-14 year old students?

We Answered:

Try using; it's a very nice website. yYou make an account, and then you can fill out a little forms specifying the region, the language, the number of students, and the form of communication, among other things. It's what we use at my school -- the foreign language department uses an email system set up by the website to talk to students in other countries. I promise you it isn't a scam. It can actually be really cool.

Rita Said:

Organization skills for a web-based college student, working full time out of a 200 sq ft studio.?

We Answered:

Hello Hookipa Bound

Boy would I love to be disorganized in Hawaii. Especially right now when it's 12° outside and the wind is howling and a wind chill of 0° where I am

Anyway, here is a cool website that coaches you to gradually develope better habits and get control of your life.

FLY is an anachronism (Finally Loving Yourself) and they use a few others in their coaching. Their web site updates regularly and they email you regularly with little suggestions to become organized out of habit. It's a quite inspiring.

And heres another idea

Tony Said:

organization skills?

We Answered:

I used to be so unorganized! I failed every folder check etc. I just took my obsessions ( tv shows, computer sites, video games etc.) and made a computer file on my computer (duh) using pictures I found on photo bucket and I started organizing everything in the folder. (example.if its a tv show, sort by character in alphabetical order, rating, or status with other characters. then you highlight them all and rename all of them at once.) That probably made no sense to you, but it helped with my organization. You just got to find something that interests you ( a book shelf of your fav. books maybe?) and practice organizing it. It should just kind of bug you if things are out of place. If you like thing unorganized then I suggest you try and break the habit. I probably didn't help much. Sorry!

Becky Said:

What are skills I could post on an application to be a leasing consultant?

We Answered:

Good communication skills, Good interpersonal skills, Team player, Knowledge of Microsoft office applications, Good customer service skills, Good writing skills,

Amanda Said:

Is research united in the conclusion that "the biggest problem with US public schools is ineffective teaching"?

We Answered:

I am a second career, fifth year teacher. I am much closer to 50 then 30.

It is difficult to fault any of your conclusions.

I agree with A and B. Of course this is going to happen. The situation can be fixed with true open enrollment. The money follows the student. This will require all schools to get better or close. BTW: I work with the worst of the worst students. When students come to me they have failed out of everywhere including the justice system for juveniles.

C. This has has not been my experience. I think sometimes the parent is to involved. But in high school the involvement drops off.

D. This is where I may fault you. With the dramatic changes that have evolved in education, I think many of them are the problems. May I ask, why are 'older' methods working great on my students. The majority of my students are well below average, 100% free lunch, 80% IEP. Yet, these old methodologies and avoiding many of the new (and failing) effective methods are working?

E. is perhaps the worst part of teaching.

F. again nothing new.

G. Teachers are not allowed to discipline students in anyway. When something happens bad, it is the teacher's fault for not being able to handle a foul-mouthed, poorly bred rugrat. All power has been stripped from the teacher.

I agree with your view on unions. I had one prof who said, most people view unions somewhere between Karl Marx and the Devil. Of course if we got rid of what someone things is a bad teacher, all the teachers would be gone.

As far as research. While my research is ongoing, the methods we use with the students we get: 100% free lunch, about 93% of high schoolers not passing 4th grade level on Brigance, the majority reading at or below 6th grade reading level, these students are learning based on our somewhat old school methods. My methods prof would have a cow if he saw what I did and passed off as teaching.

However the exit Brigance speaks for themselves. Most students topping out the test (9th grade) or reading at grade level. We have one leaving soon who will not read at grade level. He is 6th grade came a year ago and was reading at low 1st grade level.

Math: most high school students are leaving at least being able to do fractions and many working toward grade level.

I work at a long term residential treatment facility. That houses offenders, kids who failed out of other institutions and girls who are to violent for other places. I get cussed out every single day. I have been hit more than once. We opened gates two years ago. I have been here since close to the start. Within our first year we had a 50% rate of teachers leave for one reason or another.

Yet, I am clearly making a difference.

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