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Postal Exam Study Guide

Jose Said:

How hard is the postal exam 473E? And where do I get the study guide?

We Answered:

As a Postal job/exam guide author, I am always happy to assist with such questions. For reassurance that my info is valid, I encourage you to check out the record breaking number of reviews posted for me on and other bookseller sites.

According to the Postal Service, exam 473E carries an 80-90% failure rate. This test is literally so hard that only 10-20% of all applicants manage to pass it. And to make matters worse, for each job to be filled, only three applicants are invited to an interview ... the ones with the three highest scores. The bottom line is that you have no chance at all unless you have one of the three top scores.

The Postal Service completely revised its hiring and testing program several months ago, by the way. Everything changed including the application process and all the exams. You must be extremely cautious when searching for help because most guides now on the market are grossly obsolete. See the Obsolete Postal Job & Exam Guide Consumer Alert on my website for details.

The tests are now all electronic, which means that the only effective way to prepare is with an online study guide that provides realistically and interactively formatted electronic practice exams. That's why I pulled my old printed guides off the market and created all new electronic guides. You can find my new electronic 473E guide and a wealth of additional information on my website (I just updated my site as well to include info on all the recent revisions).

Good luck,

T. W. Parnell

Micheal Said:

What is the title of the book to study for the US Postal Exam?

We Answered:

Postal Battery Exam Study Guide

Probably available at your local library. Check
or eBay.

Felicia Said:

What is the best study guide for the postal exam 473?

We Answered:

The U.S. Postal Service has replaced the 470 Battery Test with the new Test 473/473-C.
The best guide is
The Original Postal Exam 473 And 473-c Study Guide: The Only 473 Guide With Free Live Support(Paperback - 2005) by T. W. Parnell (Author), Susie Varner (Illustrator). For details visit…

Rose Said:

Is it necessary to pay $130.00 for a study guide to take a postal exam?

We Answered:

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… i DID IT,I FEEL LIKE A STUPID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONT

Roberta Said:

is it a waist of time and money to buy postal exam study guides off the net.?

We Answered:

That rather depends on you, what kind of job you are wanting at the post office, and what resources are available to you. If you are wanting a temporary position, what the Postal Service calls a "casual" position, you will not need to take an exam at all.

For most other postal jobs, you must take an entry level exam, the exact exam you will need is listed on the USPS page (listed below). Most of the exam guides are available as PDFs or as HTML links, for free, from the USPS.

However, the guides themselves will tell you that they are not a guarantee that you will do well on the actual exam. The hardest thing about the postal exam is not the tasks themselves, but the time constraints you are working under. It may very well be a good idea to have the extra practice that test preparation materials will give you.

However-- before you invest in expensive training materials based on an ad from the internet, you might want to find the materials you need an easier and cheaper way.

First- try the public library, many libraries carry guides for postal exams (though if you go this route, make sure your guide is the most current available as the post office test changed in 2004.) One recommended book is listed below.

Secondly- Try talking to people AT the post office, not only might they be able to recommend a training program, book, or give you tips, they might even HAVE a guide or program they would be willing to part with ( after all-- whatever they used worked for them, so they shouldn't need it anymore)

Thirdly- Check your local used book seller, the used book/material section of, E-Bay, or any other seller of secondhand items. They will not only carry it cheaper- the reviews you will get (in most cases) will let you know if the item is the real deal-- or just so much hype.

If none of these possibilities is open to you, or if you are the type of person that has to have their own, brand spanking new copy of "book/program X" then go for it.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck. The post office is a good career for many people, and it offers lots of opportunity for advancement (they promote from the inside rather than hiring from outside for most of their higher level positions). If it is what you want, I hope you get it.

Harry Said:

are there any free postal exam study guides anywhere on line or otherwise.?

We Answered:

The library should have some practice exams books.

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