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Praxis Study Guide

Benjamin Said:

need help with praxis study guide question?

We Answered:

Use Q = mcDT where ...
Q is the quantity of heat
m is the mass
c is the specific heat capacity (4.18 J/gC for water)
DT is the change in temperature (Delta T)

Solve for DT
DT = Q / mc = 5000 J / 100 g / 4.18 J/gC =
DT = 12.0 C

The final temperature will be 32 C if the temperature goes up by 12 degrees from 20 C.


Hello Dr. Fell -- The value of c must be in kJ if Q is in kJ. In that case c = 4.18 J/gC, not 1.00 cal/gC.

Kenneth Said:

What subject areas should I study for the Praxis II 0014 Elementary Education Content Knowledge?

We Answered:

Praxis sells a study guide, and often school districts and libraries have them.

As far as I remember all subjects that an elementary school teacher teaches are on the test. Almost all of the questions were best practice questions.

Don't fret, it wasn't bad at all.

Nicole Said:

What study guide is the best for Praxis II: Elementary Content Knowledge for K-6 (0014) exam?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Tracy Said:

Can I use a Praxis II study guide to prepare for the GACE elementary education exam?

We Answered:

I will also be taking the GACE so I searched for some study guides. You may want to try Amazon and type in gace study guides. There was a list of the different study guides for the different GACE assessment. Hopefully you will find the one that fits your GACE.

Sandra Said:

Where can I find a study guide to Praxis II Art: Content Knowledge?

We Answered:

Study guides and sample questions will be found below.

Good luck./

Cody Said:

can anyone tell me if the questions on the Praxis II exam are similar to those on the study guide?

We Answered:

Praxis II exam

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