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Revelation Bible Study

Dave Said:

Has anyone done a study of Revelations through a Bible study?

We Answered:

I taught it for over a year, vs. by vs. to our church adult bible study group two or three times and private study vs. by vs. twice and still learning each time something new.It is mainly about the Tribulation period under the antichrist and of God's wrath poured out at that time but the end of it is so comforting.It is terrifying to unbelievers who will go through it because they reject the gift Jesus gave to"whosoever will..." on calvary.Believers will be raptured prior to this time which all the pasters I have discussed this with believe we are now in the "end times" leading up to the coming of the antichrist who will deceive the jews and be kind to them for 3 and 1/2 years and then turns on them and all who will not take the mark of the beast (666)will be put to death, not able to do business of buying or selling,etc.True also of gentiles living at that time who refuse to bow down and worship him.

I have many study sources and one should always compare scriptures with scriptures for a b etter understanding. Your paster can direct you to helpful study sources as some are not reliable. I have a 20 plus large loose leaf notebook set of varous books of the bible geared for ministers that has been invaluable in vs. by vs. study of the Old and New Testament and rely on it heavely and it is written by several men and not just one. If I have doubts I check it against my KJV along with other bible versions but too many commentaries can be confusing so keep it simple and pray the Holy Sprirt to lead you in the study of God's word at all times, always.

The devil does not want anyone to study this book because it tells of his ending and he does not want truth revealed for "the truth will set us free". So he tries to make it too hard to understand and it has many symbols in it but once we understand those, it is a real breakthrough. God wants people to study it who really want to know His final plans and what it means to the unredeemed as well as to those of us who will be with Him eternally. I can't wait! John Hagee on TBN gives studies on it and has books and he is the only pastor I trust and watch on that network.He teraches the bible, not his ideas.

The Hal Lindsey series, Left Behind is fiction based on scriptures and is not my favorite by far.But it has helped some who know nothing of the bible. Don't give satan the victory by letting him sccare you off from studying it.It is so interesting and so powerful. God bless yhou Peapie.

Martha Said:

so in order for god to reveal i have to study the bible first?? why not the other way around, first revelation

We Answered:

Faith without works is dead.
Faith precedes the miracle.
They shall have ears, but not hear; And they shall have eyes, and not see.

You obviously don't know what any of these statements mean with that line of thinking.

Herman Said:

Which one would be a good name for a youth bible study?

We Answered:

Knight Templars
HH-Heaven Helper

Gloria Said:

Christians only - How many on here actually study their Bible?

We Answered:

Yes most Evangelicals do study the Bible.

Courtney Said:

Bible study????

We Answered:

Personally, I prefer to pick a subject or a person and study them, rather than just reading from front to back, know what I mean?

You can start in order if you like, study Adam and Eve, then Noah, then Moses, etc., studying the "greats" as I call them lol, or read them as it interests you or where you have a need.

Solomon was a super cool guy, and the richest man that has ever lived, ever. Start with him, you might get some money management tips!

My personal favorite? That'd be Proverbs 31 starting about the middle of it there's an absolutely wonderful tribute to the Woman of Noble Character. It's how I always try to live, with that in mind. Read it and you'll find out exactly how much power women really had back then too.

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