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Small Group Bible Studies

David Said:

What is the best small group Bible study you've ever been part of?

We Answered:

Probably a study on the book Captivating by John and Stasi Elderedge. I'm on my second time through it, and it is life-changing.
But I've only been in about 4 or 5 complete study groups, so I might have a different answer in a few years.
God bless.

Caroline Said:

Has anyone attended a bible study small group? How was your experience?

We Answered:

I have attended SEVERAL. It has always been an uplifting experience. It's wonderful to get into God's Word with others because you get the opportunity to really look at passages IN DEPTH. And others sometimes find truths that you have missed, which enriches the entire experience. It's also a wonderful way to form new friendships!

Kimberly Said:

What would make you want to come to a small group Bible study? What would make you leave?

We Answered:

What would make me want to come is the desire to learn about the Lord and to share the love of Christ with likeminded people. What would make me leave is the hypocracy some people live their lives with and if someone insisted on ramming their own personal interpretation of the bible down my throat or used the bible against me to prove their point.

Max Said:

If I bring a random R&S member to a bible study small group meeting, what will happen?

We Answered:

We shall see...
EDIT: OK. It will all end badly, as they will accuse the man's beard of being Satan.

Amber Said:

online small group bible study?

We Answered:

There is a Christian right here on Y!A who conducts an on line Bible study. Here is the link to her profile. Contact her. She will be happy to have you join.;_…

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