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Social Studies Book For 5th Grade

Christian Said:

No science or social studies taught? (Sorry so long, please take the time to read)?

We Answered:

your tax money supports the schools let them know that a school tax levey will not pass until they listen to the parents and balance out the curriculum. in the mean time if you can get the PTA to have science group and/or social study groups during recess time or after school study groups this can start to prepare the children in these topics.

David Said:

How do I get the school board to add science and social studies to the curriculum? (Sorry so long)?

We Answered:

Your situation makes homeschooling look really good right now. You can complain but I'm not sure it will change anything. It sounds like you can teach her Science and Social Studies yourself or enroll her any private schools in your community. If I were in your situation I would enroll her in a Catholic school and I'm not even Catholic, assuming that moving again was not possible. Sorry but those are your only options.

Your school is "teaching to the test" to prevent it from being closed down. The situation of bringing students tests scores up has become so desperate that they have made very radical changes and complaints won't change that anytime soon .

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