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Social Studies Book Online

Rita Said:

Holt online book Social Studies!?

We Answered:

The username and information required to enter the website for the online book require extra payment. Contact your webmaster or school teacher through email, that's the best I can suggest for you.

Lauren Said:

How do i access my book?

We Answered:

Contact your sales rep. They will either sell you or comp you (more usual) another copy. They might also give you the password for their online site, if you wrote them on school letterhead.
Good luck

Cory Said:

Help! I left my Social Studies book at school and have an assignment due tomorrow!?

We Answered:

Turn in homework from another class- or from this class but a different assignment. Be sure to bring your book home monday and do the right assignment. This will buy you one day. When the teacher finds it and asks you about it, just say- yes- i turned that in. when she shows you what you turned in, just go through your folder and "oh look. there it is. wow- i must need more sleep" but don't overdo the dramatics.

Marshall Said:

i am a sixth grader and i forgot my social studies book at school how do i find it online??

We Answered:

If you know the name of the book or the author you can try to google it.

Mitchell Said:

Online Middle School Text Books?

We Answered:

its not exactly what ur looking for but its a free homeschooling guide website:…
hope this helps

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