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Social Studies Book

Miguel Said:

What is the Chapter 1 keyword for my Holt Social Studies Book?

We Answered:

Specify a bit more. Is it a Geography book?
I could help you 'cause I have a Holt book but I'm not sure if it's the same one you have.

Edit: Aw, I'm sorry! Mine is World Geography. I'll look on the internet to see if I can help you find the keywords for your book, though. (:

Edit: What does the cover of the book look like? Is there a subtitle to it? Could you also give me the name of the chapter? Maybe that would help.
I found this:…
and this (but you need a Key Code for it :/):…

I also found this:…

Sidney Said:

What is your social studies book called?

We Answered:

It all depends what grade you are in and what textbook your district uses. Mine is called Medieval Europe. The producer is McGraw Hill Glencoe. Hope it helps!

Hugh Said:

If i forgot my social studies book at school and i need it what should i do?

We Answered:

There are many things you can do:
1) Call a friend that has the same book. They'll let you use it.
2) Find the book online. Some books are featured on a website.
3) Find facts online. Search for things you need for your project.

Hope that helps!

Lawrence Said:

What the little interactive label on maps in my social studies book mean?

We Answered:

I think it means that there is something that correlates with that map either on a CD that came with the book or on the website of that book's publisher.

Kristen Said:

My social studies book ask if I can mention any stereotypes?

We Answered:

Don't beleive the stereo type know the person then make the choice.

Pushy New Yorker

Stingy Jew

Terrorist Arab

Dumb Jock

Airhead Cheerleader

Flamboyant Gay

Polygamist Mormon

Glasses-wearing Nerd

Brittany Said:

What's a good social studies book to read for GED test?

We Answered:

None... I just got home from taking my ged and our instructor told us that the social studies,science,and reading are the same test..people just think of them different..All you are doing is reading a passage and answering a question.To which the answer is in the passage..on all 3 tests!! You don't need to remember velocity and force or mass formulas for science or math...the answers are there you just have to be able to read the paragraph and interprit the question they are asking! THATS IT! Honestly!

Good luck! Math was easier than the pre-test and online ones or books...and I suck at that...My essay topic was...If I could spend one day alone with someone, who would it be?

Hope this helps!! ooh and writing was mostly were commas go and moving a sentence orspelling..

Wayne Said:

can you read text from a certain social studies book on the internet?

We Answered:

Search under the publisher's name and the name of the book and see. Some are available as etexts. Even if the text is not on line, there may be study aids such as multiple and summaries, and these will give you a good idea of what the teacher is talking about tomorrow.

Discuss It!

Zulfiqar said:

what social studies book does mosside middle school in monroeville,PA use.5th grade

Zulfiqar said:

what social studies book does mosside middle school in Monroeville,PA use?5th grade