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Social Studies Books

Irene Said:

Why are LEFTIES so upset about TEXAS deciding what their social studies books will say?

We Answered:

Because Texas is one of the last few states in the world that is truly independent and doesn't give a fu*k what N0bama and Pelosi have to say. They are working into a secession and as soon as they do I'm moving to Texas because I'm a registered Republican. Lefties hate the fact that Texas won't bow to their socialist agenda bullshit

Christine Said:

what do we do about your social studies book ? are the books changing or they are the same as 2007-2008?

We Answered:

I suppose that would depend on your school district and their budget.

Renee Said:

What are some reccomended social studies text books for homeschooled high school students?

We Answered:

I like to add Understanding the Constitution (… in addition to several of Queen Homeschool's studies.

Darryl Said:

where can i find 8th grade social studies books?

We Answered:

Well, the local library might have your book. Also you can try typing int he question you need help with on google.. but i dont think you'll be able to find a free online version. also if u remerb the company of the book try googling it you might find a website.

Fred Said:

Why would social studies books use medium shot images?

We Answered:

hon, why are you posting your homework on here?

its so that you can see detail but still get the bigger picture

that's what i put anyway


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