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Social Studies Courses

Wesley Said:

Are these "history" or "social studies" courses? (High School)?

We Answered:

History, is well, history. Social studies encompasses history mostly in terms of its effects on society, like the culture, language, politics, and geography of an area. History classes would be like AP US History and AP Euro History, a social studies class would be like AP Psychology, AP US Government, or AP Human Geography. I'd consider American and World Cultures under social studies, then Euro a history course.

Nicholas Said:

does ap human geography count as a social studies course?

We Answered:

probably not it depends on your school. I think it is more of an elective though. Ask your counselor.

Loretta Said:

AP science and social studies courses compared to the actual college courses?

We Answered:

It really depends on the teacher so there's no way of accurately answering this. But from my own personal experience...

In my science classes you can usually skip reading the book and just follow the lecture, although for me it always helped being able to read the book for a test as a refresher rather than try to drudge through all my notes. None of my science classes have had assigned readings. The professor will mark in the syllabus where you should be with your reading but it's all up to you whether you do it or not.
I had one professor you would give long lectures every class period and often include things in her lecture that weren't in the book so you would have to pay attention while she was teacher.
And then, for another professor, he doesn't get very in-depth in his lessons and doesn't introduce anything new so I usually take a cat nap in the class until my next period.

I'm taking an anthropology course right now and we do have readings for every class (3 times a week), but I wouldn't call them intensive. Chapters from the book aren't very long (maybe 20 or 30 pages) and the articles or papers he assigns us aren't bad either. The most we have had to read was 41 pages.

In my history class there's a lot more reading to do. Probably the most I've ever had. We have usually two articles to read for his class period (each about 5-10 pages though), but we're also supposed to be reading two books on our own time. One book is about 450 pages and another 250. No discussion is had in class about the books and on the 21st I have a 4-5 page essay due on them. If you know how to pace yourself you're fine (I have about 50 pages left to read overall) but a lot of people in my class are procrastinating on the readings and I'm sure it's going to bite them in the butt later on. On top of all that we also have a group project to work on. The first group's project is due around the 28th, so for them this month is very busy.

Lillie Said:

What high school courses are classified as "social studies" classes?

We Answered:

That depends entirely on your state and school/school district. You can look at your school's website or go to your guidance councilor and find out.

ETA: You'd have to ask your guidance councilor, because it still totally depends on your district. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Kent Said:

What are the social studies courses? (What is considered a "Social Studies" class?)?

We Answered:

You should ask your high school counselor, who can provide you with an up-to-date list of required courses for UC, CSU, and other colleges. (UCs all have the same requirements. CSUs also all have the same requirements, except possibly for Cal Poly).

Anyway, history is a social science. My high school offered world history, American history, economics, and civics as its required social studies classes, and they also met the requirements for UC and CSU. If you go to school in CA then your classes most likely also meet the requirements. I also took AP psychology in high school and for UC it counted as either social science or an academic elective, I don't really remember.

But please, ask your counselor, they know what classes you have to take.

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