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Social Studies Current Events

Billy Said:

Can someone help me find current events for my social studies assignement.10 POINTS!?

We Answered:

I'd leave out Michael Jackson. He was a wonderful person but I don't think your teacher will see his death as an important current event. Pick something that will give you enough information to write a good report about and either Haiti or Obama would work.

Angela Said:

Social Studies?????????????????

We Answered:

hell yea

im a social studies teacher so that will work

Darryl Said:

What are good social studies current event sites?

We Answered:

la times

Herman Said:

Current Events Help For Social Studies Class!!?

We Answered:

You can go to any reliable news site and pick current topics.
Are just the beginning.

Tracy Said:

What's a good news article that I could use for current events in my social studies class?

We Answered:

The Saville report about the inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

Debbie Said:

Social Studies current event?

We Answered:

Yes that is related to social studies..But I suggest something like this...

George Said:

social studies current events?

We Answered:

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