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Social Studies Curriculum

Brett Said:

Do you have any ideas for science and social studies curriculum for pre-k and k?

We Answered:

I know this list is going to be very long, however social studies includes just about everything these day's, and is a catch all name for multiple subjects.
These subjects can be done successfully in unit studies.

Hope these will be of some help to you.

This site does require a $20.00 yearly fee to have full use of all their printable materials, but it is well worth it.
You can check them out for free, but it is a lot of curriculum in one place.

Free computer software; just pay a nominal fee for shipping.…

Educational games.…


Book lists.…


Weather/Meteorology (the weather dude).…


Mr. Donn's history site - unit studies.

Free Audio Books.

On-Line e-mail and communication etiquette.

Natural Living, and Environment.……

Health and Science.…

Dewey Decimal System.

Free weekly tips, worksheets,lesson plans, resources , and curriculum.




Library learning.



Grade Level Core Knowledge site.…


Aaron Said:

First Grade Social Studies Curriculum?

We Answered:

There really isn't any "Social Studies" curriculum for HS'ing. Why? Because typically HS'ers teach *real* History & Geography and go out and live and work/volunteer in the real community, rather than learn about "my neighborhood" and the public services, etc.

I agree with the Story of the World suggestion. We started a very similar curriculum with K12 (written by Susan Wise Bauer) when my son was in 1st grade. It was a four-year, chronological study of world history and it was fantastic. I learned so much, too! (since real history wasn't taught in my public schools)…

Or for K12's history, here's the Scope & Sequence page:…

There is another great history curriculum by Diana Waring. It's her older series completely redone for multiple learning styles. Here's a link with info:…

You might want to study art along with History. There is a lot of art that follows along with the timeline of the world. You can include ancient art & architecture, Native American art, Mayan, Incan, Colonial, Renaissance, etc. K12's History & Art courses line up together, which is so much fun!

As for the typical "Social Studies", you'll just teach a lot of it as you go through life out in the "real world" with your child. My son knows all about banking, investing, public servants, health care, emergency service, and lots of geography from planning, and taking, vacations. Just use *every* moment as a teaching/learning experience. You've probably already done this since birth anyway. :-)

Another way to get some SS work in is through Scouting or 4H.

Theresa Said:

Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum?

We Answered:

Horrifying. Half of it's about replacing science with mythology, half about removing any historical facts that make white people feel uncomfortable.

Albert Said:

What's the best social studies curriculum for an 8th grader that hates memorizing names and dates?

We Answered:

I would go for the generalization approach. I absolutely hated memorizing names and dates. I hated Social Studies, until I had a teacher that didn't care so much about names and dates- because those could easily be looked up.

He taught the key points and reasons for things. He used micro-history to keep things in students heads. The tests were essay on how to put things together.

For instance...the civil war and territory gain and loss - we were taught what led up to it, who won, and the key battles. We read stories about soldiers' accounts and those who were part of the treaty signings and slavery accounts.

It makes you feel as though you are really there and has given me an appreciation for the past.

I feel that it is better to understand how things were and a generalized idea, then to remember names a dates- they are important, but as I said, they can be looked up.

Best of luck :)

Vernon Said:

Does anyone know of a good literature-based social studies curriculum?

We Answered:

If you are homeschooling, then you need to check with your state's requirements for a homebased education. Simply teaching at home is not adequate if it doesn't follow a specific curriculum, and each state is different.

Marc Said:

What are the essential elements of a good social studies curriculum?

We Answered:

A good social studies curriculum needs appropriate depth and breadth. It needs to cover content from enough time periods and places, but it also has to go into detail so that students get more than shallow knowledge. Additionally, units in a good social studies curriculum will build off of the previous ones so that students can increase their skills and see relationships between topics.

Dennis Said:

How can Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum for the nation?

We Answered:

It has been happening for decades in this country. Progressives started revisionism back in the thirties and the ball has been going back and forth since.

Historical revisionism is either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about an historical event, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record such that certain events appear in a more or less favourable light.

In the science fiction novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell, the government of Oceania, nominally led by Big Brother, continually revise historical records to concord with current politics; therefore, when at war with Eurasia, the official position is that Oceania always has been at war with Eurasia, yet if the combatants change, the populace are brainwashed to accept that as the status quo. In 1984, historical revisionism is a principal propaganda policy of the Ministry of Truth, where the intellectual protagonist, Winston Smith, works as an historical revisionist.

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