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Social Studies Dictionary

Jordan Said:

what is a good website that defines terms and names for a social studies student??? thanks?

We Answered: is an online encyclopedia that should have terms for almost everything you would need.

Sam Said:

Homework help with my social studies? Really easy, Just can you think of any!?

We Answered:

william Jennings Bryan Cross of Gold speech
Churchill battle of britain speech
george washington farewell address
dwight eisenhower address re military industrial complex
any danielle steele novel
anything by edgar allen poe
the American Declaration of Independence
the Magna Carta

Miguel Said:

Dictionary of the Underground Railroad?

We Answered:

hariet tubman
north Star
douglas Firn

Lorraine Said:

Social Studies help! on Chinese immigrants?

We Answered:

Just what are you asking?

George Said:

What does the term TOUTING mean in this sentence?

We Answered:

You are sure you read all of the definitions of touting??

The nuclear power industry is energetically promoting its technology...

Judy Said:

Help with a Social Studies project!!?

We Answered:

no one's going to answer this haha :]
you can try reposting it or put it in the history category maybe....?
by the way i finished "i was a non-blonde cheerleader" and it was SO good!!!!!

Discuss It!

Hannah said:

wow you guys are fuuny! ;]