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Social Studies Fair Projects

Beverly Said:

What are some good 7th grade social studies fair project ideas?

We Answered:

Use windows movie maker, and make a movie over world war I or something:D

Andrea Said:

What is a good social studies fair project topic?

We Answered:

Advances in medicine
Religious freedom
Civil rights (from slavery to the first black president)

Marion Said:

Do you have any tips for a display on a social studies fair project on haunted houses?

We Answered:

I would of made the tri fold look like a haunted house and put info in windows and doors maybe a graveyard on tombstones.

Albert Said:

What are some good social studies fair projects that involve The Beatles?

We Answered:

It'll take a lot of digging on the Internet, but how about The beatles' positions on The Viet Nam War, and the impact they had once they were finally free to speak their minds?

Dora Said:

What are some good social studies fair projects for maps?

We Answered:

On a world map place pins in the countries from which your classmates, parent or grandparents came from. have each student place his own pins./

Pauline Said:

What is a good question about the Cherokee Indians of Georgia for my Social Studies fair project?

We Answered:

I think a good question would be something along the lines of comparing the "Cherokee Indians of Georgia" to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Are the "Cherokee Indians of Georgia" really Cherokee by blood? What about law? Whose law? Can just anyone claim to be "Cherokee"? Is being Cherokee about blood or is being Cherokee about law?

Just in case you don't get my drift, all Cherokee people (that is those who remained true to the Cherokee Nation and didn't defect to the United States or "hide in the hills") were removed from Georgia during the Trail of Tears. They ended up in Indian Territory and eventually became The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, a US Federally Recognized Tribe. A hundred years pass and all of a sudden the "Cherokee Indians of Georgia" pop up in Georgia and claim they've been there all along, hiding/blending in. Two Cherokee groups are recognized by the state of Georgia but many more are not. None are federally recognized. It is only federally recognized tribes that have any "status" in the US.

I did some searching for you and found a website for The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee:… This group claims to be state recognized and acknowledges that the only other state recognized Cherokee tribe in GA is The Cherokee of Georgia, for which I could not find a relevant website. The GA Tribe of E. Cherokee website also lists "non recognized" Cherokee groups in GA and has some other interesting things to say about them which is especially interesting to me since the GA Tribe of Eastern Cherokee isn't federally recognized themselves. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

Jamie Said:

What would be a good Social Studies fair project idea?

We Answered:

How about you do a biography about a famous event, era, or person?
For example, you could choose to do a report/poster on Anne Frank, or the Civil Rights movement, or maybe even the Boston Tea Party. The possibilities are endless! Think of the kinds of things you have learned about in class and apply them.

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what are good things to do barbie dolls

We Answered said:

Keep the hair niceand some cloths to, but be sure to share the dolls as well.

geornitra said:

what are the best social studies fair project on anne frank

cody Stiles said:

describe what she went threw, step into her shoes. talk about how scary it might have been for her, hiding in a small room with her family.

Emily said:

What is a good project idea on Robert De La Salle. said:

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