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Social Studies For Kids

Sylvia Said:

Does this make sense for a social studies major?

We Answered:

First of all, there is no such thing as majoring in social studies. Social studies is a term used in grade school and high school to encompass a whole range of specific topics which fall under the category of social sciences, such as history, economics (although economics is also frequently classed as a business course, so this one is likely to not fall into this category in some places; it was a social science at my high school, though, which is why I included it here), psychology, sociology, geography, etc. You would need to pick one or two of those to major in.

As for taking Art History, I think that makes plenty of sense, but I would strongly encourage you to at least minor in secondary education. It is possible to pick up several minors (my brother earned 3-4 in 4.5 years, plus a major in Psychology) depending on the requirements. With a background in Art History you could use your knowledge to create a new elective course in art history at any school you start teaching at, if there isn't one already, and that kind of initiative would look excellent on your resume should you ever leave whatever school you started the course at for another teaching job or any other job in general, plus if it's a good course other high schools might end up requesting help to get something similar started. My high school economics teacher had that happen to him and got to spend his summers traveling the state starting up economics programs at other schools.

Kristin Said:

Hey a Social Studies scavenger Hunt!!! VERY fun!!!! I love this game its call SS find away! Try it is so fun!!?

We Answered:

Nice try.

Rodney Said:

How do I confront my sons social studies teacher about her way of teaching about slavery?

We Answered:

You have every right to talk to the teacher about it. However, you also need to know what information your state guidelines have set in place that your son's grade. As a teacher myself, I know we have a very firm focus that we must follow. How we get the information across is up to our personal presentation style, but we have to follow the curriculum guidelines outlined by the state. If she is following the guidelines, but you don't like her approach, then that would be the main focus of your conference... not trying to change what she is teaching, but how she is teaching. If she is in fact not teaching what the guidelines tell her to, then you have the right to address both her presentation of the material and the material itself. Either way, please do your best to come across as concerned, not accusing or you'll put her on the defense and neither one of you will get anywhere. Best of luck to you and your son!

Melinda Said:

I want to become a social studies teacher for middle to HS kids I have 12 Social science credits what else do?

We Answered:

depending on the state your from you will need a teaching certificate. Some states who are in dire need of teachers(NV, NC, SC, VA, etc.) will let you teach without a license and at least some credits in education. Although, social studies is such a crowded area already. You will also need to choose a concentration, such as history, geography, econ., etc. Good luck. All in all, you will most likely benefit by enrolling in a college with a social studies education curriculum, you might as well work on for your certificate now, down the road, it will be one less thing you have to worry about. Then you can begin work on your masters!

Wilma Said:

how come my social studies teacher lets this kid do whatever he wants in class?

We Answered:

He could possibly have some kind of anxiety problems or another medical problem. My little brother has anxiety and was like this in middle school.

Mark Said:

What is the strangest thing that happened to you today?

We Answered:

my phone rang and it was in my hand. I was looking for it for 10 min. before i realised i was holding it.

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dorislobbins said:

my phone rang and it was in my hand. I was looking for it for 10 min. before i realised i was holding it