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Social Studies Games

Pedro Said:

Are there any social studies games out there?

We Answered:


Tracy Said:

What is a good social studies topic on video games?

We Answered:

violence in video games is always a hot topic with lots of books and info.

Charlie Said:

What are some educational (and fun) games, DVDs, etc. for 5th grade science, social studies, and math?

We Answered:

you can find a whole lot of activities at

Nicholas Said:

Social Studies & History Games???

We Answered:………

Jesse Said:

How do you make a social studies board game?

We Answered:

don't u mean virginia?

Allen Said:

Is there any online games that will help me in social studies?

We Answered:

You'll learn your Geography by Playing Risk.

Play Risk Online for Free here…

Play other Educational games Online for Free here…

Discuss It! said:

good new to the kids

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