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Social Studies Help

Kelly Said:

Social studies?

We Answered:

This link in wikipedia should help you out…

Good Luck!!!

Ryan Said:

I need help with social studies homework?

We Answered:

government should not interfere when it comes to:
religion : there should be a separation between religion and state...they can not govern or make you believe in something you dont want to......or create laws base on religion

government should not interfere when it comes to issues such as abortion, gay rights, is up to the individual to amek their own choices base on their own moral beliefs and value not up to the government

Penny Said:

social studies question...NEED HELP?

We Answered:

President oversees that they get what they need, ie funds, weapon research etc
Congress has the power to declare war. The president can send troops in but after a certain amount of time, congress has to decide weather they can attack or not. If they say they cant, the troops have to leave
So basically, the president provides what they need and congress controls them
Sorry its so sloppy, I was trying to get it up quick

Joann Said:

Social Studies?

We Answered:

a. democratic means the government is ruled by the people.

b. it's an advantage because the people get to vote on new rules that the gov. presents, and they have rights (freedom of speech, religion, etc).

c. some disadvantages would be the majority of the vote determines if the bill becomes a law. Like if you wanted more laws that helped the community and a huge amount of people dont want money spent on that, then it won't go through. Or the people don't always express how they feel to the public without being criticized. Example would be if a celebrity believes the president is doing something wrong and they express it to the press, people might disagree or take it offensive and the celeb will have to apoligize for saying what they believe in.

e. the people make the decisions not the government.

Terri Said:

Social studies homework help?

We Answered:

The most likely answer for the time period you gave would be Protestants and Catholics, though it would have to be a little after Columbus's time for this to make sense.

Christians vs. Muslims might also work, though the Crusades were winding down at this point.

Annie Said:

social studies!?

We Answered:

I think you will have to elaborate a bit more. Is it to promote social studies or a particular theme in social studies?

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