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Social Studies Homework Help

Ruth Said:

I need help with social studies homework on ancient China?

We Answered:

Having unified China, he and his prime minister Li Si passed a series of major reforms aimed at cementing the unification, and they undertook some gargantuan construction projects, most notably the precursor version of the current Great Wall of China

Christine Said:

I need help with social studies homework. Its about the Treaty of Versailles?

We Answered:

Exactly, Versailles signed in Paris in a box car (train). Hitler made France surrender in the same one during WW2 as payback. This was a very limiting factor b/c the "league of nations" wanted to make Germany pay for the war.

Wilson, who originally proposed the LON did not want this. They did not care however because America entered WW1 late.

This is what led to the Nazi party. It also caused the arms race between Russia (arguably) England (definantly) and Germany.

Allan Said:

Can someone help me with my social studies homework?

We Answered:

No because the french people and the people in canada did not want british rule over them.

Leah Said:

Can you help me with my social studies homework?

We Answered:


Jenny Said:

Can someone please help me with my Social Studies homework?

We Answered:

You could say that you are tired of paying taxes to them and not having your interests represented in Parliament (remember - "taxation without representation"). And if they don't address this issue, then the tea in Boston Harbor is just going to be the start of their problems with the colonies. You may even want to hint at the possibility of armed revolt.

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bob said:

could you help me with my social studies homework please

BOB said:

YEAH!!! SURE, duh!!!

hey swag said:

cud anyone HELP me with my science homenwork??? anyone in this world wud be sooo kind to do so??