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Social Studies Lesson Plan

Hugh Said:

Does anyone have 5-12 social studies lesson plans using feature films?

We Answered:

I think you can start with a movie that is historically relevent (the movie "Glory", for example) and use Google to search for associated lesson plans. For example, go to Google and enter "lesson plans" and "glory" and "civil war".

There's also a web site called "Movies in the Classroom" that has a "History & Government" section. You can find it here:

Let me know if you get any good sources because I would like to implement a few of them myself. :)

Good luck!

David Said:

Max's Words Social Studies Lesson Plan?

We Answered:

Please review the links below, especially the clip from

Curtis Said:

Why is it important to include both primary and secondary sources in social studies lesson planning?

We Answered:

Primary sources are authentic- they provide direct instruction on a time period or event in the most literal and authentic way possible. Unfortunately, many primary sources aren't accessible to students, especially elementary and middle school students! Secondary sources can be more accessible (readability, language, grammar) to students and can help fill in the gaps that primary sources may leave.

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