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Social Studies Online

Courtney Said:

Can anyone tutor me online for social studies? It's 8th Grade work.?

We Answered:

that depends on what the test is over.....revolution.... french and indian war.......crusades......that will help.
in my class were learning about the declaration of independence.

Charlene Said:

How can I study for my social studies test online?

We Answered:

try this link:

Brad Said:

Any good case studies about leveraging social elements to help online sales?

We Answered:, Ebay, and Craigslist are the classic places to start.

Dianne Said:

Can I take social studies online?

We Answered:

Well I know this website that I think it's just what you need. You can take whatever class you want, and you can be going to school and at the same time taking the online class. You only need to register, and talk to you guidance counselor so he/she will accept it. But the website explains it very easy and efficient. My friend it's taking the HOPE class and it's going great, it even tells you how many hours it's the course going to be. Good Luck!! I hope this will help you :-)

Herbert Said:

please help social studies online?

We Answered:

1. false
2. false
3. Asia
4. none
5. mountain ranges
6. Shi'a Muslim
7. Arctic Ocean
8. b
9. it is not Iran anyway.

Benjamin Said:

Where can I study for a social studies test online?

We Answered:

Check out

There's lots of subjects covered at all levels.

Also, the website for the history channel may be helpful.

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