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Social Studies Posters

Henry Said:

How can I decorate my poster for social studies?

We Answered:

First just do what you usually do on posters, put the title somewhere (middle or top) and then get all your info glued onto construction paper in all sorts of shapes(If you want to make it look interesting)

If you want your poster to be all old fashioned, you can make it black and white, but if you want it to be all funky looking, I suggest you use all kinds of colors and then put pictures on the poster that is based on Carder Wood son.
Color mix depends on the shade of your colors, but here are my opinions:

red goes well with: Black, Orange, yellow
black goes well with white
blue goes well with: red,pink,green,black,brown,yellow,purple…


Olga Said:

ways to decorate a social studies project?

We Answered:

glitter, but try to draw as much as you can( check hena tatoos on a hand pictures and try to do the same n paper)

Rachel Said:

Creative Ideas for a 1920's Social Studies Poster?

We Answered:

How about depicting in an art deco scene the ballroom of an ocean going liner like the Mauritania, liner travel was highly fashionable in the 1920's and a colorful poster image like that would cover all the topic areas you must talk about. You could show people dancing which covers fashion and famous people, a ballroom depicting Jazz musicians and singers entertaining the rich and famous.

Best luck with your project I am sure you will make a great one.

Cathy Said:

Tips on making a social studies poster board?

We Answered:

make the title BOLD! and only stick with 1 color sceme, sattered colors illmaket ook msy. Put in like 5 pictures and plenty of info. BE NEAT!


Jennifer Said:

i need help on social studies homework ?

We Answered:

The format and other requirements for the poster may vary by school and even by teacher./ Ask your teacher for a copy of your missing page.

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