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Social Studies Project Ideas

Harvey Said:

social studies project ideas? PLEASE!!?

We Answered:

Go to it works great!

Julia Said:

Social studies project ideas?

We Answered:

right now, in current events, they made this thing that is like a laser, and makes people feel like they're burning up, like on fire. they're using it on Iraqians. but also, those medival torture things where they pull your limbs... ouch, but, yeah. good luck

Lucille Said:

project ideas for social studies, medieval times and Renaissance?

We Answered:

Consider discussing the evolution of religion. During the Medieval period, Christianity was based upon superstitions. The church was selling indulgences (tickets to heaven). Martin Luther started the Christian Renaissance that helped to counteract these superstitions.

Miguel Said:

social studies project *ideas*?

We Answered:

To get any help on this you have to provide the topic. It's tough to provide a visual for an unknown thing, short of a "?"

One thing you can do...pick three key words/concepts about your subject and make them into a "powerpoint" type poster... Example:

* Unknown topic

*Need Visual

*Tough to do with no topic? Not if you're creative enough!

Lucy Said:

Any good ideas for social studies project?

We Answered:

well i need to know what it is for like history day or even the theme tht would help but martin luther kings always a good way to go lol

Discuss It!

Krystal said:

Any ideas to help me in my Social Studies project?