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Social Studies Projects

Robin Said:

What are some good social studies projects on the Magama Carta or the Oath Keepers?

We Answered:

if you mean the magna carta here is a good image of the original document you could download

Alberto Said:

Japan Social Studies Extra Credit Projects?

We Answered:

if its on japan make some Japanese charms (i forgot what they are called, but they are basically a rag with a rubber band around the top part so that it looks kind of like those ghosts you see on halloween. You could also draw some Japanes characters in caligraphy or find out how to write your names in Katakana. You might also write something comparing the two cultures.

hope it helped

Tracey Said:

What is a good social studies project for homeschoolers?

We Answered:

The Chronicles of Narnia were written in England during WW2. You could easily tie in a study of English Geography (perhaps a 3D map of England created out of clay)or a study of WW2 (Sonlight and Queen Homeschool have some interesting readers about WW2). You could even get into a little of the medieval history about castles and armor, she could try building a model castle (I love making use of cardboard that the grocery store is planning to throw out).

We built a castle big enough for the children to play in out of a large pieces of cardboard (Walmart is usually very generous, but take a large vehicle), clearance sheer material, and other decorative items. They love it and just loved learning all about castles (I did draw the line at the idea of a real moat inside the house).

Joel Said:

what are some Ideas for social studies projects?

We Answered:


June Said:

Where can i find done Social Studies projects for class 10 CBSE Board?

We Answered:

aniruddh..well i would suggest u to take goa and kashmir as the two states.."tourism".topic u'll find good in its hindarences u'll easily find in google or yahoo..maps of these...(esp. tourist map) u'll find in
decor is mainly ur creativity .i cant really help u inn dat..
rest u can find i guess,,so best of luck fr ur project...

Nancy Said:

I have to do a Social studies projects on the Indian removal act, need picture ideas.?

We Answered:…

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