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Social Studies Topics

Jamie Said:

What are study topics for the Alberta Social Studies 30-1 (new curriculum) diploma?

We Answered:

Individualism, collectivism, classical lib, modern lib, principles of lib rejections, international relations, challenges to liberal thought, political systems, economic systems, illiberal stuff happening in liberal democracies, rights and freedoms,citizenship, rights roles and responsibilities during conflict/democratic society.

Study the people too, like P.M Bennett, Mackenzie, Harper, and current people.

Goodluck tomorrow ! (:

Wayne Said:

give me some good social studies topics to do my projest on!!?thx?

We Answered:……

Priscilla Said:

2nd Grade Social Studies Fair Topics?

We Answered:

um how bout the different parts of a map. You could have her make a poster and create a game were when she presents it she has her friends point out the different parts of a map. If you wanna get really creative you could make another poster for the game and draw a big map of the USA and put velcro where the different parts go. Then you could write the different parts on pieces of felt and put velcro on the back of them and have her class mates stick them in the correct places.

Just an idea but hope it helped anyway

Hazel Said:

I need a catchy social studies topics like the correlation of teenage drug use and teen suicide?

We Answered:

Looks like you already have one. if that one won't work for you, how about writing about the correlation between teen suicide/violence and bullying?

Charles Said:

what are some unique & interesting social studies topics for a research paper?

We Answered:

rights and responsibilities of the 2nd amendment

who shot jfk?

what was the impact of the cold war on the US society?

Womens rights overs the years?

Daniel Said:

what are some good social studies fair topics for a 7th grader?

We Answered:

Why not do the history of something? Pick something that interests you.
The History of the Mafia, The History of Birth Control Pills, The History of Television, The History of the Internet, etc.

Marian Said:

Topics for Social Studies Dissertation?

We Answered:

It would be interesting to look at how NCLB has affected the teaching of social studies. Since it is not currently tested, how many elementary schools are spending less time on it? How many schools are spending more time on reading and math?

There is an interesting line of research linking student reading comprehension with their motivation and interest in an activity. Could you build a case for linking social studies and reading, looking at how to build reading comprehension and increase social studies knowledge?

Good luck!

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