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Social Studies Websites

Barbara Said:

What are some good social studies websites for high school students?

We Answered:

google it

Ronnie Said:

Social studies homework Child Labour know any websites?

We Answered:,
Hope these help!

Douglas Said:

Does anyone know any good social studies websites to find these terms?

We Answered:

Here's a tip for how to do a google search: enclose the word or phrase you are looking for in quotes. Example: for each of the following this is what I typed and I found lots of websites:

"Chesapeake Bay + map"
"Jamestown Colony +map"
"Plymouth Colony + map"
"Massachusetts Bay Colony + map"…………

Hope these help!

Charles Said:

Does anyone know of any good websites for teaching science and social studies in kindergarten?

We Answered:…………

Kristin Said:

I have to get a political cartoon of the internet for my social studies class any ideas or websites?

We Answered:……

those are the best I could find, good luck!

Jeanne Said:

Social Studies Websites?

We Answered:

The internet is full of social studies websites for elementary students the ones listed below are in my opinion the best ones, as I personally looked at and examined each of them for accuracy, user-friendly and appropriate content suitable to help elementary students learn the many different areas of social studies in a creative and fun way. White House Kids
This is a great websites for students learning about American history. The site has a section for with all of the 43 presidents including a link to click on which has an illustration of the president and a short biography. A section for learning all about the White House including photos and a video. Lesson plans that include; the documents that support the United States, the Dream Team and what they do, historical events and even an address to write a letter to the President of the United States.

Nelson Said:

Could anyone suggest me some websites for music and social studies revision?

We Answered:

hey um i wouldn't just want for u to donload music on ur computer because u can get a viruus and the music sites want tell u that', i know that cause i did that wance, and for ss info just go to or and typein the ss stuff u need.

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