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Social Studies Worksheets

Jerome Said:

how do i find social studies,science,math,and language arts worksheets?

We Answered:

i found a site that help you a lot

Nora Said:

how do you catch up on your social studies homework ?

We Answered:

My advice is do the worksheets quickly tonight, and if your teacher doesn't remember to check them tomorrow, then go back through them and make the answer more thorough. that way if she does check them tomorrow, it will at least look like you did something! Hope this helped

Warren Said:

Does anyone know a website where i can get Japanese social studies worksheets?

We Answered:

Look at Enchanted Learning. They have a lot of stuff that's free w/o a subscription. I did a search for "Japan" and got 181 matches:……

Joseph Said:

Where can I find a great site to find worksheets?

We Answered: has great worksheets, but no lesson plans. has some good stories and questions for many social studies topics. the site ranges from K-12 grade

Erin Said:

Anyone know of any good social studies & science sites to print off worksheets for 2nd grade?

We Answered:

this is a social networkin site

Charlie Said:

Can you tell me if I'm right on my Social Studies homework?

We Answered:

Magna Carta (+)

Parliament (+) [although that can be debated quite a bit depending. Parliament as opposed to what? Parliament vs Monarchy? In that case it is a (+) for sure. Parliament vs Presidential Democracy (i.e what the United States has)? I guess it all depends on what your teacher wants to hear. But for the purposes of a social studies class I'd say it is a (+)]

Colonial Assemblies (+)

Edmund Andros (-)

English Bill of Rights (+)

Salutary Neglect (+)

Zenger trial (+)

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