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Studies In Usa

Roberta Said:

How can a foreign student get schollarhip for postgraduate studies in USA?

We Answered:

First, write a good application and do well on your GRE's. Most universities have substantial aid packages that could help you. For example, Stanford, where I did my post-graduate work, offered substantial scholarships to Serbian, Russian and French students. The key is to build a good application; the financial aid will fall in place after that.

Joanne Said:

I am applying for undergraduate studies in USA, do i need to show big bank balance in the visa interview?

We Answered:

You will need to show that you have the financial ability to pay for both your tuition and living expenses for at least the first two years of your studies. Bare in mind that this costs ranges between $18,000 and $45,000 per year depending on which school you study at and of course which state you live in.

Close relativies will make no difference, all non-immigrant visas are obtained on the applicants own merits. Some Consular Officers may view it as a good thing, if the family is based in the same state you are moving to due to the added ability to settle in much easier.

Chris Said:

how can i complete my medical studies in USA? if i just finished bachelor without any other studies.?

We Answered:

You need to apply to a Medical School. There are many different ways you can pay for your education in graduate/medical school. You can have an apprenticeship where you work for the department that your study in and they pay your tuition. You can apply for financial aid and/or work study, which includes scholarships, loans and grants. Or you can try paying yourself by getting a job. The first two options are usually more easy to do because they work around your schedule. Check out the websites I posted after you apply to your schools of choice.

Arnold Said:

What is the level of canadian high school studies compared to USA?

We Answered:

Well it's actually different in every province.
In Ontario, where I live, there are three levels of high school. In grade 9/10 it's Essentials, Applied & Academic. In grade 11/12, it's Workplace, College & University. They're all the same concept.

It's for people who just want to go to the workplace when they graduate high school. They don't have plans to go to college or university.

It's for people who want to go to college, and maybe university. In grade 11/12, they have college/university courses for if the applied ones for you are too easy, or the academic ones are too hard. People in applied at the B/C/D students.

It's for people who want to go to university. These students are usually A students, or B+.

You get to pick for every subject you have. So if you're good at Science, but not at Math, you could take Academic Science and Applied Math. Certain subjects don't apply , like gym, art, business.

Leslie Said:

How to continue studies in USA after completing BPharma in India?

We Answered:

An Indian BPharm degree is not recognized in terms of being able to practice pharmacy. She'll have to start all over again or get accepted into an international PharmD program. There is no such degree as a M.S. Pharmacy in the U.S. She can apply for a research based PhD degree.

Marjorie Said:

Is there anybody who will sponsor my child for studies in USA?

We Answered:

You need to contact churches in the state of the University you wish her to attend. Because asking in a place like this, you don't know what your going to get.

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