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Study Abroad In America

Kim Said:

greek student wants to study abroad (america) how ? i will reward 10 points to the best one please help!!!!!?

We Answered:

I wouldn't go with America, the economy isn't doing so well here either. Since you're from another country, you wouldn't qualify for federal loans (which aren't that great anyway) and wouldn't get priority for scholarships. I would go to school in Canada, like the other person said (especially since you speak English and French), and if you go to graduate school you can go in either Canada or America (they usually accept Canadian degrees). One thing I would recommend, though, if you plan on going to graduate school, plan your credits carefully, and be conscious of how they will transfer and what universities and graduate schools will accept or require them.

Tina Said:

I want to work or study abroad especially in America Im 23.?

We Answered:

For study,
You need to apply for US universities. If admission is granted. They sponsor your student visa. You may need to take entrance exams like GRE/TOEFL for MS or GMAT/TOEFL for MBA. Some universities just need just TOEFL score.

GRE - Graduate record exam
GMAT - Graduate management aptitude test
TOEFL - Test of english as a foreign language.

For employment,
You need to apply to American companies and when qualified, the company sponsers a H1B visa ( work permit )

Visit nearest US consulate for more information.

Derrick Said:

Study Abroad FROM England TO America.?

We Answered:

I would say try Princeton University or Rutgers University

Byron Said:

Where to study abroad in America?

We Answered:

St. John's University is a great one to pick because it's in New York City. UMass Boston wouldn't be a bad choice but there is nothing like being in New York.

Fairfield U is a good school with a pretty campus, but there is not much to do around it, do I don't know about that.
Good luck!

Lawrence Said:

I am a canadian citizen, How do i work and study abroad in america?

We Answered:

You can only do one; work or study.

If you decide to study, you will need to apply to a university in the United States and once you are accepted, they will issue you with an I-20 and with the I-20, you then pay the SEVIS fee ($100).

Since you are Canadian you will not require a visa, you take the I-20, along with proof of your citizenship and financial documentation which shows you can afford both tuition and living expenses.

As an international student, you are permitted to work 20 hours per week during semesters and full-time during holidays, but all employment must be done on-campus. Off-campus employment is not permitted.

If you decide to work, you will need to possess a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent to be eligible to work in the U.S. and then you would need to find an employer to sponsor and petition you for a visa to enable to you work.

June Said:

can a british bank provide me with a loan whilst i study abroad in america?

We Answered:

If you secure a private loan you can use that to document to the school that you have the funds necessary to receive your I-20. The funds must indicate the US Dollar equivalent. Follow the guidelines given to you by the University.

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