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Study Abroad Programs

Darren Said:

What are some good study abroad programs for architecture?

We Answered:

'in Italy is better.

Try Florence, or Milan

Alice Said:

What study abroad programs can I go to Ireland with?

We Answered:

Intrax, CIEE, Amerispan, and more.

For has a great selection.

Kelly Said:

Can anyone recommend good study abroad programs?

We Answered:

Hi there,

You could try searching's Directory for Study Abroad at It's advisable that you first read this they have posted. has an internal standards in place for accepting program providers/universities that list in their directories. Also, there's some sort of verification that ordinary visitors can check to approximately guide them on what program provider to choose. Look for the light green logo check, chgeck+ and check++. There's also a feedback system that is in place for previous program participants as additional hint for you...look for the little "speaking light blue logo". Absence of the two systems(check/check+/check++) and "speaking light blue logo" only means that the program provider/university has not yet complied with GoAbroad's requirements for the verifications but has passed the initial integrity standard(provider could be trusted). continues to add innovative and fun ways for studying/learning abroad. That's why they decided to create an online social networking for travelers. See for yourself. Check out the GoAbroad Network at Registration is absolutely free, you don't even need to be a travelers. Join by filling out a simple form at

Good Luck and hope this helps,
GA :)

Tracy Said:

With study abroad do you have to pay both your school's tuition and the programs costs?

We Answered:

You really need to ask at Temple - they can give you a complete, comprehensive answer.

If I have to guess, I would say that if it is through Temple, even if it is not one of their programs, but one that they allow as a non-Temple program, that there is a chance you will be covered - but again, ask them!

Michelle Said:

What study abroad programs in Europe are available for incoming college freshmen?

We Answered:

Hi there dco,

First. Congrats on getting into USC, even if you do have to wait a semester to get on campus. I can't think of a better way to spend your fall than a study abroad experience. The previous post made some good points about it being very late for a visa, but you should also note that if your program is under 90 days(Spain) or if you plan on attending a program in the UK that is under 6 months you should be able to obtain a visiting student visit when you arrive(you should check on this possibility first, of course).

You should check with your university for some approved programs and keep it to general class options, this way they are more likely to transfer. It should also be noted that very few universities require students to wait until they are of Junior status before allowing students to study abroad. Check with USC, but many programs will allow you to enter as an incoming freshman.

If you tell me some of your goals for studying abroad, I'd be happy to help you find a program that may be a better fit. Also... hurry. :o) Many deadlines have passed and you'll have to very quickly move through paperwork to get up to speed.

Best of luck!

Juan Said:

What are all the study abroad programs you know of?

We Answered:

Rotary International is one of the best, offering short and long term exchanges.
if your still in high school, you may want to check out the People to People program before you do a "real" exchange. People to People is a great introduction to life in other countries.

Nina Said:

Where can I find intensive information on study Abroad programs, in Germany from NC Universities?

We Answered:

I am assuming that you mean North Carolina by NC. Whatever you mean, the answer lies in your school's study away office. When you go abroad, you have to go to a school that has an agreement with yours, either already established or you can work to establish one. If you are exchanging your schools has to accept the credits back, so it has to be pre-approved. They are also much cheaper than third party study programs. You have lots of options, and they are best to help you.

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