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Study Abroad Scholarships Grants

Charlie Said:

Summer study/volunteer abroad scholarships/grants?

We Answered:

You can do an international scholarships/ financial aid search here:…

While you're on the site you can check out the High School Abroad programs:…
... lots of them involve volunteering and many have financial aid available. Good luck!

Timothy Said:

I am a foster youth who is trying to afford to study abroad in Spain. Suggestions on scholarships/grants?

We Answered:

I assume you are in high school? What organization has accepted you? Did you apply for scholarships? Were they aware of your special status? Are you trying to go for a semester, a year, or a summer? There are special scholarships for kids from diverse backgrounds through at least one organization I'm aware of. Tell me what your plans are and I can see if I can help

Lonnie Said:

Easy website for study abroad scholarships or grants????

We Answered:


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