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Study And Work In Usa

Renee Said:

i have completed my bachelors degree in dentistry in india.what do i need to do to study/work in the USA?

We Answered:


You can get one of those 5 year deals to come to the US.

Terrance Said:

Study, Work and Live in USA?

We Answered:

Americans with degrees can't get jobs.

What's a nationality?

If you go into a field that's in high demand you may be able to get an extended Visa.

Jimmie Said:

Can anyone help me with a sponsorship to study&work in the USA or the UK, Please?

We Answered:

me too...i also want to study in US or UK or Canada...

Marshall Said:

How does the application process for undergraduate study work in the USA? Is there a website which can help?

We Answered:

Each university is different, but in general all will require 1) an application 2) an application fee 3) copies of transcripts and 4) an essay (though not required by all).

If you already have and idea of what schools you want to go to you should go to their website and look for a link to admissions. Most schools will have an online application and an application checklist so that you can make sure you get every step and don't miss deadlines.

Many schools include a section in their application regarding if you would like to be considered for financial aid. You can also contact the university's financial aid office directly to get advice on what aid applications you should fill out and better information of scholarship application.

For a more general search of scholarships and financial aid you could try a site like which is a search engine for scholarships and loans.

Good luck!

Nicholas Said:

Can anyone study and work in the USA ?

We Answered:

yes fact ua is a much better optionthan europe...they are looking for hard workin people who are motivated...once u get ur work permit visas etc sorted out , its quite easy....but be prepared to work hard...

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