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Julio Said:

How can I organise all my school work, study work and revise?

We Answered:

You must review and scan your notes everyday, and listen to important points your instructor gives you. You just jot down things you probably did not get at the course of discussions. Do not allow yourself to be studying all your notes just a day before any test. A single hour of review everyday is much helpful in retaining the lessons you might be taking.

Tina Said:

Procedures for a US citizen to study nursing in India & then work in US?

We Answered:

Firstly since he was originally Indian Citizen (or born to Indian parents) before he changed his nationality to American what he should do is to apply & get Overseas Citizenship of India card or Person of Indian Origin card made through the Indian Embassy in USA,this OCI card or POI card will get him same privilege to apply & get admission for any educational/professional course in India as any other Non Resident Indian (NRI). Secondly he should explore & search for recognised institute which are imparting Nursing course to male students in India. Usually the Armed Forces Medical & Nursing College are providing for recognised B.Sc Hon.Nursing Courses but will his having only OCI or POI status allow him the admission in Armed Forces Medical & Nursing Colleges is a matter of doubt,however there must be other College of Nursing in some of the States in India (check out at CMC Vellore & Ludhiana) where the Male Nursing Courses exist but for that he has to check out as actual course being provided there as other then B.Sc Hon. in Nursing will not be having any recognition in USA although further qualifying examinations concerning the Nursing Courses he will be taking in order to get full recognition as a qualified nurse in USA.

George Said:

I am going to work with my post study work visa.What is the percentage of tax,if i am paid pound 1000?

We Answered:

Not enough information here. Need to know from which country you have come, when you arrived in the Uk and when you are planning to leave. Also need to know When the £1000 payments will start and end.

Ronnie Said:

Which country best among UK, Australia and New Zealand considering after study work prospects and immigration?

We Answered:

Did u ever consider about Canada ? I heard from one of my freinds that they got greencard even when they were students and it was easy to find a job for them with the greencard.

Monica Said:

Are there programs for graduate students and/or adults to study/work abroad?

We Answered:

Hey there...yes you can find tons of programs through Leave UR Mark geared towards grad students and adults. The minimum age is 18 and plus but due to the nature of the programs, most of the applicants are those that are about to start or have ended graduate school and professionals who are thinking of taking a career break for a few months. Some are also older teachers who are taking sabbaticals and want to do research and meaningful programs abroad. Then there are also those who have recently retired and want to do volunteer work for underprivileged communities. You can check out programs on the website and if there is a specific field that you are interested in, you can just email them and they will link you up with a good company. It's also a social experience since the program organizes weekend excursions and cultural activities like cooking classes, local language instruction, dance classes, and movie nights. Here is the website:

Kevin Said:

How does an independent study work?

We Answered:

Independent study is where you get a packet of assigned work, usually with weekly due dates and work on it at home. It's a lot like doing homework.

You would most likely meet with a teacher once a week and go over your work. In essence, you teach yourself by reading and researching your class information. Most classes can be taken IS.

Best of Luck!

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