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Study English Language

Alexander Said:

I study English language. Is it correct to say "I know a lot of vocabularies?" why? why not?

We Answered:

No. "Vocabulary" is a collective noun; it takes many words to make a vocabulary. The only time it would be correct is if you speak multiple languages; in that case, you would have many vocabularies, one (presumably) for each language.

You might also speak of the vocabularies of various professions made up of the specialized words for their jobs; for instance, "Musicians and doctors have very different vocabularies."

The thought you wanted to express with your original sentence would be better put as "I know a great many vocabulary words," using vocabulary as an adjective.

Edwin Said:

Why should foreign countries study the English Language?

We Answered:

because english is an international language i my self study english literature at university
i think one of the hardest language is chinese so it takes time to be accepted by people in the world.also english is more Beautiful than chinese

Loretta Said:

why do we need to study english language?

We Answered:

Engish is the standard form of communication. It's used worldwide by people who are from different countries but need to communicate with each other.

English is also seen as the business language, as for reasons mentioned above.

We study it also for the reasons we study any language-we need to have a way to articulate the things we need and desire.

English is also used primarily on the internet-which today connects millions of people world wide.

English is used in many different countries also because curing the Colonial and Imperial Age, Britain proved to be "successful" at gaining colonies on different continents around the world.

Kelly Said:

Which countries is very good to study English language in about six months?

We Answered:

If you have the option to choose any English-speaking nation (New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK), then here's what you should base your decision on:

In the future, which dialect of English are you most likely to come into contact with? For example, will you work for a company that does business with the UK? Or New Zealand? If so, try to go to those countries so you are up to speed on the dialectal differences.

If your company works a lot with the USA or Canada, then go to those countries to study.

Same thing if you plan to study. Go to the English-speaking nation that best fits the dialect of English you will need in the future.

Stephen Said:

Do you recommend a show with English subtitles to study the language?

We Answered:

Documentaries and news are much better for English learners, because sitcom, drama and soap operas contain too much slang, ironic expressions and other expressions which are hard to understand for non-native speakers.

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