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Study English Speaking

Leroy Said:

I want to speak fluence english. Where can I join the study of speaking fluent English?

We Answered:

Call me: 0094716597735

Roger Said:

What's the effective ways of speaking English to me who study English as a second language?

We Answered:

Hi There,

I'm not sure I understand your question. I am currently a foreign expert teaching english in China. I would suggest you to listen or download english pod to practice your pronunciation. When speaking with others, don't be afraid to take your time, think before you speak and speak slowly. You will gradually get faster at speaking English, but for now, just be happy to practise on anyone you meet who speaks English. As the old saying goes, practise makes perfect.

Helen Said:

I'm doing a study on World English... Do you communicate with people from other English-speaking countries?

We Answered:

People on the internet are generally from all over the world but particularly the USA or the UK. I prefer to speak to people from countries that don't speak English.

Kenneth Said:

Where could I find out a poor Chinese-teacher-needed English speaking country to study in?

We Answered:

In America, Universities are best, but you need to have a reason for them to employ you. If you are studying there, Chinese departments might; otherwise you would need a degree :(

Unfortunately, your only other option (in America) is to tutor, which does not pay as well in the long run--there are still too many people who don't care to know Chinese. Those who do will want Mandarin, of course.

One thing you could try is the northern European countries--Germany, Holland, Denmark, and so forth. They generally speak English as a second language, but in my experience, at least 90% of those populations can speak fluently. Moreover, in those countries, they are much more willing to learn Chinese. Unfortunately, I don't know about professional opportunities in those countries.

Anyway, ??!

Paula Said:

I want to study in an english-speaking country but need a scholarship for that?

We Answered:

Take a look at this site: It's got a list of sites and organizations offering scholarships. Good luck!

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