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Leona Said:

Free/ Cheaper Adoption Home Study?

We Answered:

There are no free homestudies. You must use a licensed social worker and they don't work for free.
Our HS cost around $1500 almost 3 years ago. Then the follow up visits were around $250.

Rene Said:

Should I run away from home so that I have the opportunity to study out of school time?

We Answered:

Wow - it sounds like you are depressed. You really need to look into that. It can really effect how you perceive situations.

Also, you did not mention your age, so it is difficult to answer this question.

If you run away, your parents will report you missing.

The police will come looking for you. Whoever gives you a place to stay (without telling your parents) could be charged with kidnapping.

You did not mention the type of "abuse" you suffer from. Are you beaten ? Tied up ? Starved ? Made to do or say things you don't want to do or say ? Problems with boundaries ?

If I were you, since you only have a few months to go, I would try to stick it out until college. It sounds like your parents will even pay for college, so that will help you a lot.

Don't put yourself in a position where you could end up homeless and hungry and vulnerable to all of the pathos of our society.


Tommy Said:

how much free time and study time should i give my kids after they get home from school?

We Answered:

Study habits are the most important thing a child must learn. The children will be happier in the long run if you teach them to do their homework as soon as they get home, then they're free to play after that. It's really best for them, as they can then play with a satisfied conscience and without the nagging anxious feeling that a job is waiting to be done. This will teach them that work is easier when you get right to it, get it done and out of the way, rather then having them learn that work is to be avoided. And they'll have a sense of pride and self-esteem.

Wanda Said:

San Diego county prohibits Christians from doing a Bible study in their own home?

We Answered:

Well, from what I have read, it has *nothing* to do with the fact that they were having a bible study. They would be under the *very same onus* if they were having a swinger's meeting or a nudist clam bake.

It's NOT the "bible study" that is the problem: it is, rather, the frequent gathering of so many people in that particular home in that particular neighborhood (and probably has something also to do with the particular time of day that the meetings occur).

SO, this is not anti-Christian, it is anti-"group gathering in a private home in this particular area" - whatever that group gathering happens to be.


Rosemary Said:

Is any free distance learning studies for mums ?

We Answered:

try to check on this site it's help you a lot…

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