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Study In America

Eva Said:

What are the options for me to study in america?

We Answered:

Year 12 is like senior year in high school right? Something like the equivalent? If I'm correct, then you should be able to go right into college here (college and uni are the same here). When you look at schools in the US there is usually an international students section of the website and it should tell you everything you need to know. The admissions officers can help you, too. Just shoot them an email. People here love international students! We have lots at my school Good luck!!

Sam Said:

What are my chances as a foreigner and what marks do I need to study in America?

We Answered:

lets try 6 time 3000-4000, the american acting schools are expensive. a school you could go to is academy of art in san francisco. We don't have O Levels in the us so can't help you with that.

Pearl Said:

Where is it better to study, America or Australia?

We Answered:

I am an American living in Australia. I love Australia and would pick it for the relaxed atmosphere and friendly attitude everyone has.

But, if you are looking to study wildlife science, you really have to think about what kind of wildlife you want to work with. If you are interested in kangaroos and dingos, Australia is your place. If you want to track wolves look to the States. Go with the school that has a program that meets your needs, no matter the location.

Also, think about after you get your degree. Will you stay in the host country for a period of time, if so, which location offers better job opportunities?

Minnie Said:

How do I apply to study in America or Canada?

We Answered:

You need to first research and select a list of universities that meet your criteria. Then, gather their admissions requirements and apply. You apply directly to the university - make sure to understand what their requirements are, their SAT/TOEFL/GRE university code, and other admissions requirements. Check out this link for more information about studying in the USA:…

Lena Said:

What qualifications do i need in order to study in America?

We Answered:

okay. this is such a coincidence!
I want to go to school at University of Edinburgh, and i'm a 15 year old american!

Anyway, colleges in america require SAT or the ACT.
the best test to take is the SAT because more schools accept it. Every college has different qualifications, but almost all of them require a test like the SAT. Usually, they also ask for the applicant to write an essay, send recommendations, take an AP (advance placement) class, and just be active in their community.

This is a really good website to find info on colleges in the US

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