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Study In Canada For Free

Robert Said:

Can I study in Canada for free?

We Answered:

free? probably not, but it will be safer

Enrique Said:

Any International Institute offering Free MBA or Course *** job offer for Indians?

We Answered:

Free Open University might be able to help.

Do you want to come to the US or study online?

Derek Said:

Free study in Canada, if from a fellow Commonwealth country?

We Answered:

Sorry, your buddy didn't have a clue as to the fee structure at Canadian universities. There 'ain't no free lunch' far as higher education goes in this country.

Terri Said:

my son he is 12 ys old now, he has ireland passport , can he studying free in Canada for secondary school?

We Answered:

May be you should do some study...

Yvonne Said:

is there any way to study for free in canada as an international student?

We Answered:

Are you asking about free undergraduate university education in Canada ?! Even Canadians dream about it !

There is also a maximum amount of scholarship that one can get per year in university and that too - one student per faculty.

For international students, it is between $1000 and $2000 and that amount is given as a discount for next year's tuition fee.

Please check with the website of the university that you are interested in because every university has a different policy about scholarships.

If you are looking for post-graduate education (Masters and PhD), there is no question about expenses as you will recieve some financial support from the faculty anyways !

Clarence Said:

Free college education in canada?

We Answered:

High Schools (secondary schools) are called ....Collegiate Institutes as part of their name. We would say "Terry Fox Collegiate Institute" instead of "Terry Fox High".
High Schools, C.I. 's are free, but thats just part of the normal public school system, they are not post-secondary college or universities.

Post-secondary (ie- after graduating highschool) education is not free, it costs students directly for tuition and text books. "Foreign students" studying here unfortunately have to pay much higher prices, perhaps because their families hadn't been paying Canadian taxes which pays partially for the overall costs of running universities.

Also, here, generally "College" is a place limited to earning diploma's, no degrees. Universities are places to earn the higher bachelor degrees, masters degrees, and PhD's.

Francis Said:

What is the best process of getting a canadian study permit and a good adviser on stress free study permit?

We Answered:

Have a look at this site, it's very helpful and lists details on how to go about applying for a study permit in Canada:…
If you want an adviser or help on applying for a study permit, it is posible to get free advice from the citizens advice bureau (see or from your local law centre (see

Discuss It!

M.RAMZAN said:

I am graduate since last 10 years can i continue my study in Canadian higher study.

irfan hanif said:

my name is Muhammad irfan hanif ,im student of part 1, im a disabled person (from legs but i can walk easly) now my aims is software engnering , can i get addmison in canada (any college /school) if yes then canadian Govt gave a special discount for my study ( i mean free study visa)

irfan hanif said:

sorry i have forget some Question im Pakistani . please answers me as soon as posibal.

hana said:

i am graduate in biologie and i want to stady médecine in canada what i should do please answers me as soon as posibal