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Study In Canada Universities

Janice Said:

What are some good universities in Canada to study to become an OB/GYN?

We Answered:

Best Universities in Canada (in general and for medical studies) are :
- McGill
- University of Toronto

all are equally as good in my opinion

Robert Said:

Pls suggest me a coarse to study in universities of Canada according to job market there.?

We Answered:

might be a bit uncomfortable in North America at the present for folks from your area.

Edwin Said:

What are the best universities to study Anthropology in Canada?

We Answered:

Courses you can take in high school to get credit aren't possible. BUT, if you are only looking for help later on then... statistics, any class on urban living, cultural classes, anatomy, biology, any social science class like religion, psychology, humanities, Native American studies, or anything else. Basically you want any class that lets you study people past, present, or future. The University of Toronto, has the best ratings for anthropology in all of Canada. I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

Johnnie Said:

How to get a scholarship to study university in Canada if I'm foreign?

We Answered:
just enter the school you are looking to apply to
and all the scholarships will be listed, even those
for foreign students.

P.S. York University (in Ontario) will most likely have that program if you
can't find it in BC. Plus, York is a very diverse school and you will probably
find the most foreign student scholarships there.

David Said:

How much would it cost for me a year to study university in Canada?

We Answered:

I'm going to a university in American and I pay around $65,000 a year. I think most varies between $60,000 - $90,000+ (those are the prestigious schools).
Looks like Canada is more around the $80,000 (these are all per year of course).

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Natasha said:

I've got education in Rissia, now have Bachelor's degree in design. Can I continue my education in Canada (get Master's degree)?