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Study In Europe

Violet Said:

Where to study undergraduate Economics in Europe except UK?

We Answered:

I know University of Amsterdam offers classes in English. One of those classes is Economics.

Sorry I only know one. But i'm sure you'll find more if you look hard enough.

Julian Said:

Would it be possible to study in Europe without a prior bachelor's degree?

We Answered:

It depends on what and where you want to study.
You also have to be fluent in the language of the Country where you want to study. Most EU Member Countries require at least 3 years prior to continue.
Good Luck
Nurse(from Germany)now in Seattle

Ellen Said:

How can i go to study in Europe without money?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, you can't. If you really want to go overseas, join the military. Worked for me.

Penny Said:

Where to study in Europe, Asia or Australia?

We Answered:

This would depend on what u want to study...

Europe is good for business education. im studying here... in paris.. make sure u know at least a little french! trust me it'll help. europe is also good for hotel management. if u want to do engeneering, asia is better.

Brittany Said:

How much do you study Europe in school?

We Answered:

I took European History AP at my high school, which was a year long intensive study. It was the hardest class I ever took, the teacher was excellent and very demanding, each week's test was about 15 pages handwritten of in-depth facts we had to recall, and situations we had to analyze. It was an elective course though.

In younger grades, we studied European geography and the basic histories of various countries. It was mostly western Europe though: UK, France, Spain, etc. Exploration, colonization, wars. I went to good schools though, and I'm not sure that the average education covers more than the basics, and mostly those areas intertwined with American history.

I moved to Europe when I was 20 and have lived in 4 different countries, so I probably know more than the average American.

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