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Study In Germany In English

Mildred Said:

is there any university for master in arts in germany where i could study in english?

We Answered:

I am only able to partially answer your question, why may be better than nothing, who knows.
There is a university at Duesseldorf (or Dusseldorf, the u is an umlaut), which was supposed to have a good art program. I assume it's the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf as at the Heinrich-Heine University they only offer art history. I put the link down below. I don't find their website informative even in German. But that they don't offer an English version indicates that they are unlikely to offer classes in english.
Some universities do offer a MA, starting fairly recently, but you have to find out if the kunstakademie does.

I would anyway not recommend going to any country for more than a couple of months if you are not willing to learn the language. If you just want to go abroad for some time there are enough english language countries around to choose from. In Germany a lot of people speak English, so you'd survive, but as they most likely will talk in German if they don't talk to you, you may feel rather excluded. At least some acquaintance who was in Germany for half a year said, despite they would talk to her in English, she felt isolated from a lot of things for language reasons. Also not everybody speaks English.

But there are lists of universities in Germany (or any other country) you can go through and with research get an answer...

Gregory Said:

Study Architecture in English in Germany?

We Answered:

I don't think that any public university offers Architecture in English. You should look for private universities which offer that.
Do you want to study Bachelor or Master? Master are certainly some courses in English.

Walter Said:

hello: i need answer to my question please.i want to study at univercity of germany english langauge?

We Answered:

If you know the specific university that you want to study at, visit their webpage online. They should have a link for "admissions" or something similar where you can learn what you need to do for them to accept you to the school. You should also separately apply for a student visa, I think you'll need to look at the webpage for the German consulate to learn about that. Good luck!

Rhonda Said:

Does anyone study in English in Germany at a college/university?

We Answered:

Yes, I am going to next year.

If you want to find a university with a study program in English go to:…
And select: Course Language - English

You will have a LOT of programs to choose from. Some are fully in English and others partially in English, and the choices range from Engineering to International Business and everything in between.

Good luck!

Cecil Said:

In the DAAD (germany) can someone study in english?

We Answered:

University courses are conducted in German and you need to have the same qualifications as the German students. so you need to check if your school degree is sufficient to get into a German university. number of places in Germany are limited and therefore not available to students with low marks in the school exams. You then have to prove that your German is sufficient to study at a university.

Those few 'business schools' that teach in English are very expensive whilst the German universities are for free.

Charlie Said:

i study english language and i want to continued my study in germany if can i ;can you answer me please?

We Answered:

You don't say whether you are in high school or university, but either way, there are plenty of schools in Germany where you can continue to learn English.

Bobby Said:

Please! Help me! I'm from Tajikistan.I'm want study English in Germany.How i can....?

We Answered:

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