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Study In India

Ivan Said:

Confusion for study in india or abroad , & what line he should go for science or commerce? Whom should i talk?

We Answered:

Well..If you are thinking about the UK. I know the UK give a lot of opportunities for people specialising in the technical field. Physics is graded as the hardest subject at the UK, do well and you will go far.

Commerce is common, however I think Science would be best and also very challenging. I have courses similar to that, and currently I'm studying in the UK. Physics and engineering would be a good line to go into. My Uncle is a Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer and currently (even though he has less experience) he is on demand! I'm a science fan, and would recommend anyone to get into science.

UK universities also offers lots of opportunities for physics graduates, including upto £3000 bursaries for students that shows high commitment and good grades. Even first year graduates are in high demand.

Unfortunately I am not from India, so I do not know who to consult. But it's a good idea to review what he is good at and see what possible lines he would find the most success at.

Going abroad is very stressing, and doing something for the sake of the money can make anyone depressed and stressed. I would also recommend going to: This is the university admissions service for the UK, if your son has a particular career in mind, you can search it up and look for the entry requirements!

It also depends how he is going to go abroad, in the UK if you are not a resident you don't get as much opportunities as you should, and also the fees are 3 times as high as a UK resident.

I am currently in the 12th year, because your son is finishing his 11th year, he will be going to colleges or sixth forms in the UK. For this I could recommend these sixth forms: Havering 6th Form (because I go to it :D) but you can just search for UK sixth forms and see what their GCE O/L (GCSE) entry requirements are.
Try this:…

These are the colleges in and around London. If he is planning to come to the UK as first experience, I would recommend sixth forms as the students are the same ages and it would help your son make some new friends. Colleges are for adult students and ages can vary a great amount and for newcomers it would feel somewhat awkward.

Good Luck!!

Johnny Said:

What is the procedure for US citizen(7yrs old) to study in India?

We Answered:

For any foreign national, the student will, regardless of age, need a student visa, PIO card or OCI(Overseas Citizen of India) card to be able to remain in this country. Getting an OCI card or PIO card is not too difficult. And I don't think getting a visa will be a problem.

Nicholas Said:

Where in India should I study yoga and obtain my teachers certificate from?

We Answered:



Tom Said:

Is it possible for an American to study in India? What career could allow me to live in India?

We Answered:

It would be possible, yes, but one usually needs to pass an entrance examination to be admitted to law colleges. And its very, very hard to get in. Apart from law, there are several universities, especially down South, which admit international students, but it is not going to be exactly dirt cheap.

If Law is where you want to make your career, I suggest you go to college in the United States and get a degree that will be recognised by the Bar Council of India, such as those from UMichigan, UTexas, Georgetown, Cornell, South Western, etc. so that you ll be able to practice in India, and should the going get tough(as I assume it will be, as Indians always like to rip off foreigners), you can always return back to the US and continue with your career. A lot of US legal firms are now setting up shop in India, so it would be expected of you to have an US degree to be considered seriously.

Florence Said:

Is it better to study in India or America?

We Answered:

" I love my India"."East or West, India is the best." These are the common phrases that all we Indians use. But why are we so fond of leaving our Motherland and going to places abroad? Most of the children born in India dream to go abroad to a country, have their education there and then settle there for lifelong.

Nowadays, we see that there is a great popularity of Education in AMerica. The institutes there have many sophisticated facilities and modern techniques of education. That is the reason why most of the Indians prefer to go to study in America. They think that if they are educated there, they may find better jobs and do better in the future.

But I personally feel that studying in India is much better than in America. The teachers here take brilliant care of children and teach them important moral values which help them in the future of becoming better citizens and achieving great heights.Students are taken full care of and they grow morally and even intellectually.

As we all know that there are 2 sides of a coin, education in America has many obligations. Nowadays, all of us read in the newspaper that many Indian people are shot in America. We also hear about innumerous incidents in which the students are shot dead in the universities. It is not at all safe studying in America. We always have a threat, a scare in our mind that would we be the next one to go ! Parents also have a tough time as they have to stay away from their sons and always get worried about the condition of their son.

So, atlast I would like to say that there are many good universities and schools in India, then why to go to America.
Study in India , and you will have a better tomorrow.

Cecil Said:

Would you like to study in india and finish abroad?

We Answered:

so whats your question

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