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Study In Netherlands

Joan Said:

I want to study in the Netherlands, how do i go about this?

We Answered:

Hey, try this:…
Hope this will help!

Holly Said:

Do you think it's a good idea to study in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

It's great there! You should know though that they like to speak Dutch and basically only Dutch there, you should learn it. But it has great air, great views, and usually nice people.

Marcia Said:

Do i have to repeat elementary if i study in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

To start with your last question: there are nice Dutchies and not-so-nice Dutchies like anywhere else in the world, but across the board we're a pretty relaxed lot when it comes to new faces.

I don't see an immediate need for you to learn Dutch in order to follow classes, there are international schools and most colleges and universities offer their courses in English. Most Dutch people have a pretty good command of English. Which means that you could learn Dutch in your own good time; if you ever wanted to, that is. Going back to 8th grade sounds absurd, especially when you keep in mind that English is one of the subjects taught in Dutch elementary schools.

Finally, Dutch may sound unintelligible to you now, but English and Dutch are very closely related languages and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Nicole Said:

Scholarship for Study in Netherlands?

We Answered:

I think you should wait a bit for the announcement. I believe they will announce the outcome of scholarship selection end of May or early June. But if you don't get it, try to contact the uni and ask them if they have a study loan.

Jeremy Said:

I want to study abroad in the Netherlands. Has anyone else done this?

We Answered:

Do you speak fluent Dutch? If you do not then your chances to do this in such a specialized field are limited

Gary Said:

How is the LLM Study in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

I was a student advisor for an International Business course and we recruited many Chinese students for this, so studying in the Netherlands is most certainly possible.

Not knowing what LLM meant, I looked it up quickly and ok it is a specifically advanced law degrees.

The best site to use as a starting point to studying in the Netherlands is It gives info on life in the Netherlands, studying in NL, how to do it, costs, visa info etc etc and importantly you for you a list of available courses in English… There are all different specalisms of law on offer, so it is best for you to check this for yourself.

Best of luck.

[email protected] Andy - sorry what you are saying is not 100% true. As I mentioned I actually worked for a Uni so have first hand knowledge of a lot of International students' experiences. All the universities I know have counsellors or a dept dedicated to foreign students to give advice and support - ok some better than others

Housing is hard to find yes, but universities have connections with housing agencies or even campus accomodation - so as long as you arrange it in advance then you can get accomodation near to or even on site.

Bank account - easy - go to ABN Amro - it is even in English and done within one visit usually. Not one of the students I know had to go to the headquarters!

Actually having studied on an exchange in the UK - I would actually say it is as hard or harder to get into a decent uni with accomodation where the walls were not damp and disgusting or paying through the nose. Also it is a lot more expensive to study in the UK as a foreign student than in the Netherlands (at least when I was working as the counsellor).

It's personal of course - but I really strongly disagree!

EDIT - Andy - you are so factually off the mark it is untrue and I could refute each and everyone of your statements with facts and cite sources for each as well, but this would turn into a catfight.

Actually, all of your assumptions about me and why I came to the UK are wrong as well. I am not "University staff" already for a long time (it was my positon on my third year placement as part of my uni degree) - I am (as mentioned before) however lucky enough to have studied for four years whereby I have two degrees (one Dutch, one British) and spent 1 semester in the UK per year and the other in NL. Therefore this is first hand info based on personal experience and so about as "independant" as you can get, and better than hearsay from "a friend".

Two points that did stand out - The Netherlands is cheaper than the UK on cost of living (check out all the cost of living surveys) and Amsterdam is cheaper than London. So compare fairly and accurately if you are going to comment at all - e.g. - London is ranked 3rd most expensive worldwide and Amsterdam 25th.

Secondly NL also has Aldi, Lidl etc etc where the prices are cheap and Tescos is NOT cheap - only certain sections/brands within the store are, and that is the same in NL as well

As I said, if you want to draw comparisons, then please be in the position to do so, and base it on facts and not hearsay.

If you enable your Email I am happy to discuss further - but will leave the comments as in on here. I was not rude to you, so please give me the same respect back.

Beverly Said:

where can I get a loan to study in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

Have you been around the main banks in the Netherlands - but then this is assuming that you are working part time as well? e.g. ABN Amro/Fortis, ING, Rabobank etc

Do also check if there is any chance of being eligable for a grant/scholarship… Also check on the website of the institution where you will study

As an American you are not eligable for the Dutch (EEA) student loans schemes which are in place… but there are some ideas here…

Hope this gives you a bit more info to work with and btw - do not trust anyone answering here that offers loans online (I already reported the existing ones, but you will likely get new ones) - these are just (Nigerian) scammers looking for new victims.

Discuss It!

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