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Study In Romania

Julio Said:

what are the best city to study in Romania ?

We Answered:

try bucharest i heard its a nice lively city goodluck

Ryan Said:

I need a sponsor to study in Romania, can anyone help me?

We Answered:

I might be able to help, but I would need to know alot more information about you and what you plan to do after graduation. Email or instant message me.

Corey Said:

Hello Im from philippines and I will study in romania, I finished 3rd year highschool here, do they accredited?

We Answered:

Hi! I would strongly advise you to ask the institution you want to study in how things work. Also, check with the laws of your country, but I am sure it might work.
Good luck!

Sally Said:

Can i study dentistry and dental technician at the same time in Romania?

We Answered:

yes, I think you can. in order to become a dental technician you have to go through 2-3 years of courses, while medicinal college alone usually takes about 6 years. so if you say you've got a visa for medical college, all you have to do is to ask around your faculty and see how you can take courses and become a dental technician too. however, if I were you, I would be very careful when it comes to tuition, foreign students in Romania pay more than the locals for each course.

Brett Said:

how can an 8 years old girl from USA can study in Romania?

We Answered:

Find a school in the town where she is going to live (through Google or ask a Romanian friend), talk to the manager and see what are the requirements.
Good luck!

Heather Said:

Where can I get a loan to study medicine in Bucharest, Romania?

We Answered:

Good credit history students have got a main target to achieve higher study. Money plays good roll in their study because money completes their necessities of the higher study that’s why the requirements of money are increasing very fast, how ever the students who have got bad credit history, they don’t achieve higher study, due to lack money and they don’t pay the asset to avail loans.

If you are supposed to apply for No Co-signer Needed Student Loans, you just come online and search for No Co-signer Needed Student Loans over internet duration of searching over internet you will find many lenders who provide No Co-signer Needed Student Loans but you are to opt a right lender according to your choice.

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