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Study In The Usa

Kristina Said:

which country is good for abroad study ? USA or UK?

We Answered:

Hi Angel,

Both have very tight immigration rules and a BSc degree in most cases will not qualify you to live in either country. In addition the UK most likely in the near future will be further tightening their immigration rules by moving towards a quota system similar to that of the US.

If you are going to study in the US you will need to speak with the university regarding their admission requirements for international students. Most likely you will have to take either the SAT or ACT with TOEFL.

Unless you are going to Oxford then you will not need to take the SAT. Oxford from what I understand will take SAT if you score at least 700 on math & 700 on English. With that exception most applications, for full time study, are done through UCAS. Then once you are accepted you can then apply your student visa.

Christine Said:

Which country is cheaper to study USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,UK?

We Answered:

Canada. U.s. & U.K. are $$$ Aus is expensive to get to.
Canada is cheap if you can get landed immigrant status and residency in a Canadian province. Quebec is the cheapest. Their tuition fees are very heavily subsidised. About $1,300 tuition on average per year. The schools are good to excellent. And Quebec has English language colleges (e.g. McGill U. Concordia U. Bishop's U. etc.) as well as French ones (Laval U., U. de M. etc.).

Carol Said:

i want to study abroad after my graduation.where should i study usa or australia?

We Answered:

It depends where you are from and what you want to do. In general terms, the US is the best place for opportunities without question. The US system of higher education have worked very well for hundreds of years and research is striving in both public and private institutions. I am sure Australia is cheaper, however, there are many options in the US that can help you obtain excellent education for good price. There are universities in some States like Utah that don't charge much. You can also start your first couple years in a reputable community college and then transfer to a university afterwards. Always choose the Community College close to the university where you want to go and call the admission in that university to ask about their experience with that community college.
I don't want to fill you up with alot of info but I just want to highlight the many opportunities there are to study in the US for less money. With hard work you will succeed regardless of the place you choose.
Good luck :)

Kent Said:

I want to study in USA (spanish), which is the difference between bachelor of arts or sciencies in psychology?

We Answered:

At many schools there is little difference between the two. You have different problems to face. I do not know about Spain, but if you hope to work in the US, there is little demand for employees with a BA in Psychology. It is a very popular major and there are thousands of unemployed Americans with that major. You would not be eligible for US government loans so it would be very expensive for you. You would have to prove that you have enough money to go to school and take care of your personal expenses as you would not be able to work on a student visa. Good Luck!

Clarence Said:

Is GRE not valid for 3 years bacholer degree holder to study USA.?

We Answered:

US students must complete a four year Bachelor degree in order to go on to earn their Masters degree.

You need to go on some US school web sites and see what the requirements are for international students for grad school.

site below should help

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